I'm always interested in learning how people got started with their crafty hobbies. It seems like so many women my age grew up with a mother or grandmother who sewed, knitted or crocheted, and then passed on that knowledge.

My crafty heritage definitely begins with mother. She sewed most of my clothes when I was a child and even made herself some coordinating outfits. But her crafting explorations hardly stopped there. She also knit, crocheted, painted fabric, cross stitched, latch hooked rugs, quilted and worked with plastic canvas. If a craft caught her eye, she'd have to give it a try.

Are you seeing a resemblance?

Would I be a craft addict without my mother's influence? Maybe. Maybe not. But there's no denying that seeing my mother enjoy her hobbies showed me that moms have interests outside of their families -- and that's OK.

So, what's your crafty heritage?

Mary Abreu, a Twitter Moms featured contributor, writes about crafting for moms and kids each Wednesday. She blogs regularly at Confessions of a Craft Addict.

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Comment by Becky Fimbres on April 19, 2009 at 11:16am
My mom used to do ceramics. She would paint them with chalks and sometimes antique them. I started early and didn't realize that I was "crafty". I used to take apart my jewelry and create new bracelets or necklaces, which I still do today. I love to be creative with jewelry, cigar boxes, or anything that I think would be a fun idea. I saw a project for Mothers Day in a magazine and created it as gifts for family for Easter...just paper flowers made with strips of different paper, and some pipe cleaners as stems...my boys and I put them all together the night before...I also really dig the Crafty Chica's projects.
Comment by Jamiea on April 19, 2009 at 11:01am
My Mom was literally the most uncrafty person ever. Hands down. My Dad even patched jeans and sewed on buttons. My Mom couldn't cook either (but that was fine, we loved her). All of my grandmothers sewed, but all stopped by the age it was actually impression making and my grandmother who crocheted for fun died when I was young. Honestly, I came to my craftyness(craftiness?) on my own. My MIL sews and she's been a valuable resource when I've gotten stuck. Her daughter doesn't craft at all.




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