Winter has just been to long. I think the snow in the mountains is beautiful but it is making it hard to get around. The ice on the winding mountain roiads just never seems to completely melt and then we are hit again. This last storm was noit as bad, we only had 6". The storm before that we had 13". We were snowed in completely for 3 days and had no electricity. Talk about the kids driving us nuts. It doesn't matter the age, they get bored so easy thanks to our modern convienences that they hardly know how to have fun. After about 8 hours they finally decided to play board games by flash light and candle light. It was a interesting rebuilding of family relationships. Cooking on the grill in the snow was a bit cold but actually kind of fun. My husband went outside after dark and was looking around when a rather large tree branch fell and he was almost hit. Trees were down everywhere, taking with them the electricity and forget cars. No sence in trying to venture out because if you could get on the road it wasn't long before you were sitting in front of downed trees and power lines. I for one am ready for spring. Enough is enough. I want sunshine, warmth and green grass.

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