When your disorganized child doesn't give a .....

Many parents will tell me that their disorganized child doesn't give a ......hoot...about getting organized. I'm not so sure about that. Who wants to lose their homework, forget where they placed their keys, and get in trouble for being disorganized? I tell moms that their children aren't lazy but are beaten down by the consequences of being disorganized. Maybe the reason why these kids are still disorganized is because no one has ever identified the child as having a certain organizing style. Every organizing style ( visual, spatial/comfy, and chronological/sequential) requires specifc strategies that apply to that style. For example, a spatial/comfy organizer would not like a study area where they could NOT reach for the items they need.

Parents need to accept that their organizing strategies may not work for their child. Sitting down and having a calm discussion with your child, will give you the clues you need to decipher their organizing style. Use organizing strategies that are specific to your child's style. Remember to work as a team and reassure your child that he's not alone in this task.

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Comment by Kid Organizer on April 5, 2009 at 5:57pm
Hi Angela,
Kids like many adults have to be sold on things that take some effort even if it does pay off. Everyone is looking for the easy way out. Just like losing weight,"if they would only make a pill that was safe and took all the weight off. " lol Parents need to come up with systems that work for their kids, not necessarily that works for them. For example, if the parent is a visual organizer, they may try to organize their child with visual techniques. My experience has been that before they can help their child, the parent need to find out what organizing type their child is, and incorporate strategies that are in sync with that style.
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Comment by Angela Norton Tyler on April 5, 2009 at 11:50am
Parents are always having to "sell" their children on things, and being organized is no different! Once a student sees that it "pays" to be organized, get good grades, turn in assignments, etc.- they will be open to learning how to do it. I have a video e course that does just this, but parents can also come up with their own systems if they first convince their children that it's all worth it.

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