Top 5 tips to help Save Money and live Debt Free

In our latest eBillme weekly contest, we asked people to share their best tips for debt-free living - most creative ways to save money, avoid credit card debt, limit spending,
etc, for a chance to win a free copy of TurboTax. We received a lot of
great ideas and thought we would highlight a few of our favorites.

“I put 5 dollars a week in my savings account that way I don’t see it or miss it”
- Kerri R.

“We go out to eat only once a week and it’s lunch on Saturdays. You can get the same menu selections at a cheaper price and there are always coupons in the local paper.”
- Robert K.

“I save money by using our local library, rather than buying books and movies. I also sell our outgrown kids clothes and bigger toys to consignment stores, small stuff goes to charity.”
- Susan F.

“I pay bills online. It’s faster and saves me the hassle of going to the post office. Also, with my online bank statement I can keep immediate tabs on what is coming out of my checking account, so
much easier to track than waiting for the monthly statement.”
- Richard

“I make a list of everything I need when I go to the grocery/department store. I only buy what I NEED on the list and take a certain amount of money with me. (The more you have, the more you
spend) I am forced to stick within by budget.”
- Diane

Hope this
helps to make you think about areas in your own life where you can cut
back and be more frugal to save you from the financial repercussions in
the long-run.

Check back soon for Part 2 of our Debt-Free Living Tips where we will feature 5 more of our favorites!

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If you have other tips - please comment here on Twitter Mom's and I'll add them to our eBillme blog.

cheers - Lesley

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