Stability Ball Exercise For Tight Abs and Toned Arms

Reshape Your Body with a Stability Ball

Add this Advanced Stability Ball Exercise to your fat loss workout to help tighten your tummy and tone your arms!

Stability Ball Knee In

This is one of my Favorite Stability Ball Moves because it challenges my entire body!

Anytime I can incorporate a single exercise that makes my entire body work with this much intensity – I KNOW I will accelerate my body shaping results!

* Tighten Your Tummy

As you will quickly FEEL, this move challenges your tummy – helping to improve core strength which is super important to any mom who wants to flatten her mommy belly as she is taking the steps to burn off the fat.

* Tone Your Arms

My upper body is also challenged to maintain balance as I alternate driving each knee in towards my chest. Just HOLDING this Plank position is enough to feel it in your arms- especially your triceps – and chest!

* Strengthen Your Back & Backside

Having to hold the plank position with your hips in alignment also strengthens your lower back and engages your Glutes! In order to hold a solid plank position you must contract your abs, back and glute muscles!

This truly is a full body exercise!
The more muscles you challenge, the more calories your burn, the stronger you become and the higher your metabolism!

Add it all up = Results!

How To Do The Stability Ball Knee In

Perform 10-12 repetitions, alternating each leg as you pull your knee in. This move can be implemented in to your current Full Body Fat Burning workout or a fun finisher to your Interval Training workout. When I add this move to my workouts, I will pair it up with another Core based move at the end of my workout.

Workout Tips

~ Avoid arching or sagging your lower back. Keeping your abs tight and contracting your lower back and glutes will help you maintain that solid plank position.

~ Getting into the starting position can be the toughest part of this Stability Ball Exercise. I like to start behind the ball and “dive” forward, walking my hands out until I am in that Push Up Plank position.

~ Check to be sure your wrists are under your shoulders for added stability and to really target your chest and triceps.

Like A Challenge?

Challenge 1:
How strong is your upper body?
Feeling super strong? Then add a push up between each round of knee ins!

Challenge 2:

After you complete 10-12 repetitions of alternating knee ins HOLD this plank position for 30 to 90 seconds. Talk about ABS and ARMs on fire!

IMPORTANT: Please consult your Dr before beginning a new workout or exercise routine. For best results follow a FULL body resistance training plan AND clean up what you eat!

How To Burn Belly Fat

I know some will watch this video and think you only need 1 super cool, challenging move to “melt your belly fat” – well let me just say that there is no such thing as Spot Reduction.

You simply cannot work one area of your body and expect the fat to magically burn off and leave you with a flat tummy!

You CAN however, work moves like this into your FULL Body Resistance Training Workout plan to ensure all the Major Muscles of your body are Being Worked effectively in ORDER to

~ Boost your Metabolism so you Burn More Fat
~ Loose Inches
~ Create Tone and Definition for without muscle you just look mushy and soft ~
~ Keep you Strong so you can achieve even MORE in your workouts!

How Did You Do? Did You Take The Plank Challenge at the End?
How long did you hold it?

Leave a comment below!

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