Spring Cleaning! Liven Up For Better Livin'

Making your house a home includes creating an environment in which you thrive


Is your decor drab and in need of a "Lift-Me-Up"? Brightening up your home is a great way to liven up your livin’. It’s like buying a new dress, you feel fresh and alive.


Simple actions can bring delight to your home, you can change the seating arrangement in your great room, move plants from one room to the next, take a few pictures off the walls and change them out with ones you have in your garage. How easy was that! To clean the visual palate in your home throw away your dust collecting knick-knacks. Buy some flowers and place them on your kitchen counter and in each bathroom. Fresh flowers say, "Welcome."


If you spend just 15-30 minutes a day for one week re-engineering your home, by next weekend, you're home will have had a "facelift" and you and your family will feel more energy for the Summer ahead. Don't wait, dive in today!


Use a bit of The Family Coach Environmental Engineering in order to make your plain ole house a snazzy home.



  • Make a list of areas you want to work on in priority order
  • Start with the areas that bother you the most
  • Write down exactly what you'd like to be better about the specific room
  • List major areas of change for each room
  • Draw out placement of large items
  • Do a quick survey of storage items that you may wish to bring into your environment
  • Write down which room you'll work on which day
  • Take note of every 15 minute block you work to re-engineer your home (you'll be amazed at what you can do!)
  • Finish one project before starting another


  • Get help: Friend, Family, Neighbors, your kids
  • Make it a family game or activity, assign one room to each kid, play "Trading Spaces"
  • Designate family relationship rewards - When we finish a room we will go for a bike ride, or paint a picture or have a BAR-B-Q


  • Make a home for every little thing in your house
  • Start small - a cabinet, a drawer, a shelf
  • Use a label machine on everything
  • Separate items
  • Give away/ donate / Sell in a yard sale
  • Can help with storage around the house
  • No use/ trash
  • Recycle
  • Doesn't belong here
  • Repair
  • Don't put it down, Put it away!
  • Keep no more than one junk drawer


  • Use a rod, hanger or hook
  • Use existing shelves
  • Use a bookcase
  • Create files
  • Personal papers
  • Financial
  • Home warranties
  • Bank statements
  • Tax papers
  • School papers
  • Divide content by person and year
  • Divide household categories
  • Store items hidden on highest pot shelves
  • Store items under the bed


  • When did I use this last?
  • When will I use it again?
  • Do I really need more then one of certain items?
  • Do I know someone who will get better use out of it?
  • Does it work? Is it worth repairing?
  • Does it fit RIGHT NOW?
  • If I am going to keep, does it belong where I found it?
  • How hard would it be to replace it in the future if needed it?


  • Use baby food jars for nuts, screws, paper clips, loose change, etc.
  • Use film canisters for pins, buttons, tacks, etc.
  • Use old Tupperware
  • Use extra silverware trays
  • Use hooks
  • Use tape
  • Use old shoe boxes
  • Use clean pasta sauce jars
  • Use hat boxes
  • Use jewelry boxes
  • Line bathroom drawers with hand towels for easy clean-up


Family Livin’ Note: 1. Remember to make a large box of items you wish to pass on to your children. They'll love their first communion dress, their first doll and packages of their schoolwork from kindergarten on. 2. Make sure that you group items together even in a box or drawer in a baggie or recyclable container. This allows you to grab n go!


So happy to see you take charge of your living space. You'll love your newly organized setting. If you’re motivated for more. visit www.listplanit.com for organizing lists and templates and read Meryl Starr's The Home Organizing Workbook and The Personal Organizing Workbook. Snazzed-up livin’ to you and your family!

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Comment by Lea Curtes-Swenson on March 27, 2011 at 1:01pm
Lynne, spring is in the air and we are DOING these things! It feels great. Got rid of old, ugly couch pillows and splurged on bright new colors. We're finally finishing some de-wallpapering and painting, too. I can already breathe easier in our new space!




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