SocialMom of the Month: Meet Tara Bruley!

"OMG." My oldest daughter turned 9 this week. Oddly enough, for once I'm not freaking out about the passage of time. Instead, I'm preparing myself.


In the past year, I've purchased "Queen Bees & Wannabes" by Rosalind Wiseman (the book "Mean Girls" was based on). I've even downloaded a free guide designed to help parents talk to kids about sex. (When is the right time, anyway??) I know I should probably just relax and let the poor girl grow up, right?


Anyway, now you'll understand why our new SocialMom of the Month caught my eye. Meet Tara Bruley, 31, a married mom of two from Marysville, WA. Her new business, "Be Prepared Period," not only gives women a discreet way to purchase their monthly feminine hygiene products -- it all started with the idea of helping girls learn to celebrate the changes happening to their bodies.


"The idea of Be Prepared Period started with our site’s signature product, the 'Be Prepared Period Kit,'" says Tara. "After looking at what was already available to prepare girls for their period, I just didn’t feel there was anything that presented period information in the light of celebration -- most products are so clinical. Having a tween daughter, I wanted to create something that didn't completely gross her out!"


So about a year ago, Tara set out to create a kit tailored to help girls celebrate the changes to come, as well as offer the information both parents and girls need in order to feel comfortable with what is happening. "Our 'Guide for Parents' was designed to help them comfortably have this discussion, while the 'Guide for Girls' can be helpful if the girl doesn't have someone to have this discussion with -- or as a resource to refer back to when she has questions," says Tara.

The rest of the site was built to stay true to the name, Be Prepared Period. "Being a busy woman, mom and all the other titles we women share, I wanted to offer women a way to help make their lives a little more convenient and save time," says Tara. "In talking to many women, it doesn’t matter how regular our cycle is, many of us still find ourselves running to the store last minute for supplies. Our subscription option was built to help these women along with the women and girls that prefer to not have to display their feminine supplies at check out for all to see. Being able to select the products you use every month and have them delivered to your door in a discreet fashion helps remedy both issues."

Tara says that their prices are competitive with store prices, but that they offer discounts to subscription members and Facebook fans. "As our buying power increases our goal is to pass that savings on to our customers," she says. The service currently offers popular brands of feminine hygiene products, including an organic line, as well as items like heat patches (for menstrual cramps).

Most recently, Tara announced that a local doctor’s office and national finishing school have joined forces with Be Prepared Period -- and she says they are working on expanding internationally by supplying Kenyan women with feminine hygiene products.

What is your greatest passion?
"Greatest passions would be family, traveling, learning new things and volunteering."

What drives you crazy?
"Honestly, not a lot bugs me or drives me crazy, as I always try to look at things from different perspectives. If I had to say something… I guess it would have to be negativity. For every bad there is good, it is just take effort to sometimes find it and then push yourself in that direction. Life is so much more rewarding when you can stay positive."

What 3 words would your best friend use to describe you?
"I recently just posed this question to some great friends and wow, was I blown away at the extremely kind words. Some of the reoccurring words and words I identify the most with are Open Minded, Determined/Tenacious and Thoughtful."

What fun things do you like doing with your family?
"Our family loves snowboarding, riding bikes and traveling together. Our best vacations have included multiple sets of grandparents and friends. Life is busy and vacationing together is one way to really reconnect."

Describe your perfect Saturday.
"My perfect Saturday would start with a great breakfast with the family. A beautiful sunny and warm day outside to enjoy the simple things, maybe an outdoor project/game or traveling to somewhere new or experience something new. I love making new memories!"



Lea Curtes-Swenson is a happy copywriter and HVAC marketer, living with her family in Minneapolis -- where forty degrees means flip-flop weather! Spring has sprung.

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Comment by Mitzi Hathaway on April 26, 2011 at 3:37pm
This is wonderful. My daughter hit puberty at nine. Started her period an entire year before "The Class" in school. I started to mark her moods 6 months prior. So I took it upon myself to have the talk early, just in case. This would have made the process so much easier.
Comment by Cat Tan on April 18, 2011 at 1:25pm
What a great idea!! I love how you are not only teaching your daughter to accept her body's changes, but how to be a proactive and generous member of her world community of women!!
Comment by Cynthia Cosco on April 14, 2011 at 6:17am

I love your passion for family...cheers

Comment by Ann Wallace on April 12, 2011 at 6:27am
This is fantastic. I immediately went and ordered from the site for my two daughters.




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