Since when did 31 equal OLD? Medications, Doctors, Stress Tests, X-rays... you've got to be kidding me!

Since I have turned thirty I have had a HUGE decline in my health. I haven't really changed much from how I was eating or moving in my twenties. I've always had to watch what I eat because I am not blessed with the genes of a toothpick. I've always tried to stay active because my family heart history stinks to high heaven. Don't get me wrong, I have never been a health nut, but I have tried to be responsible. So, with that being said, I do not think it is fair that I am falling apart at the ripe old age of 31???

When I turned 30 I started being treated for insulin resistance. I had to start taking Metformin to prevent me from becoming diabetic and cholesterol meds too. I was mortified. Only OLD people need to take that stuff right? I guess not! When I still wasn't feeling up to par my Doc sent me for a sleep study. It was determined that I have mild sleep apnea. Now I have an Oh so sexy mouth guard to wear at night.

I should be all better right? Wrong! My allergies cause major drainage down the back of my throat. If I have the mouth guard in, I can't swallow to make it go away. It makes it hard for me to relax and go to bed. So, I can't go to sleep without the darn mouth guard and I can't fall asleep with it in either. The Sleep doc decided I needed to be on MORE allergy meds to dry up that nasty drainage. Now I have added Singulair, Allegra, and a nasal spray to the mix. Throw in my birth control and a vitamin and my medicine cabinet looks like it belongs to a 75 year old woman.

It's ridiculous! With all of that medication I should feel like a million bucks. However, now we have ANOTHER issue. Several months ago, I began having chest pains. I thought I had just worked out too hard on a cold day and hurt my lungs. I went to the doctor, AGAIN, and this doc gave m some heavy duty Ibuprofen to help with any inflammation. That makes sense, but it never went away. So far, with my pain I have had to have a stress test on my heart, an x-ray on my lungs and an ultrasound on my gall bladder, plus add two more medications to my already extensive list. The stress test and x-ray came back normal and I am waiting to hear on the ultrasound. I am beyond frustrated and am going broke because of co pays and medication. Thank goodness my husbands job offers flex spending, or we would really be hurting.

I feel like I am going crazy. I do not understand how I got to this point. I am young! I'm not some old person who has had all of my good days behind me. Why is this happening to me? I have so many things riding on my shoulders. I can't let the people who need and depend on me down. I have no time to feel like this. I have no desire to feel like this. I have been praying very hard for some swift answers. I know the answers are coming, but I have never been a patient person. Please tell me there is a healthy happy me waiting at the end of the light at the end of the tunnel.

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