Sex In A Glass! Don't miss this month's TM Wine Tasting Party.

This month we're going to be tasting a Pinot Noir from California. You might remember Pinot Noir as the much rhapsodized wine from the 2004 Sideways. The wine is highly romanticized because when done well it is highly complex with subtle flavors reflective of the growing region. However, it is also known as being fickle and hard to work with as the fruit is highly susceptible to disease while on the vine and the flavor varies a lot from year to year.

So what to pair with this seductive wine that has been likened to falling in love, a fickle mistress and my personal favorite, sex in a glass? (See wikipedia entry for the exact quotes and attribution.) Frankly, the only pairing you really need with this wine is a corkscrew and a big glass. But if you're hungry, Pinot Noir is notoriously food friendly and you'll likely be as happy pairing it with easy-cheez and crackers as you would with a sumptuous cherry and orange glazed breast of duck.

Here are some ideas:

Cheese – smooth rinded cows and sheep's milk cheeses. Stay away from big stinky cheeses like blue as their acids will cover up the wine's flavors. A Brie would be nice. Layer that with some pesto and sun dried tomatoes and I'll be right over.

Entrees: grilled salmon, bacon wrapped scallops, steak with sautéed mushrooms

Dessert – probably just bits of dark chocolate. Maybe with almonds or walnuts. If you don't like this pairing, feel free to send the left over chocolate to me. No really, I'm selfless that way.

Hope to tweet you at the TwitterMoms Wine Tasting Party the Friday after Thanksgiving. Personally, in addition to my wonderful husband and children, I'm thankful for finding such a lovely community of smart and talented women.


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Comment by Sharon Foo on December 3, 2009 at 7:20pm
Anyone there to guilde me for tasting more wine to cheers our self? hhaa...I just like this event, some kind of live style and fun for adults. Have a good day !

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