The candles are lit, music is softly playing, you and your man are quietly kissing softly on the bed. Bodies tangled and clothes begin to fall off. The mood is set and you start to think, "what health benefits will I get from having sex tonight."
Well,  probably not at that very moment, at least I hope not. But have you ever wondered if there are health benefits to having sex beyond the incredible feeling and intense emotional connection?
Many experts claim there are several health benefits that come from having sex on a regular basis beyond the euphoric feeling you get.
This first one should be of no surprise, sex doubles as exercise and burns calories. When we go for a walk we get our heart rate up, contract muscles and burn calories. Can't the same be said for having sex? You are moving and bringing your heart rate up and burning calories. I am talking about real sex here--not the lay on your back and do nothing kind or the ok honey I have 5 minutes. The kind of sex that takes our breath away and lasts for a while. I will let you decide what a "while" means for you, though as a guideline you might want to consider that the American Council on Exercise defines 30 minutes of "moderate activity" as the recommended amount of daily exercise. Although you should not give up your daily exercise routine, if you are looking to add a little exercise this could be a fun way to do that. ;)
Having sex increases your levels of oxytocin thus allowing you to sleep better and stress less. Oxytocin evokes feelings of relaxation, calmness, and contentment. Many people who have sex regularly report that they sleep more soundly and are more relaxed and calm. Additionally, people who tested with higher levels of oxytocin are reported to be calmer during stressful situations. So whether it is the good night's sleep that allows me to be calmer during the stressful day or my continued increase in oxytocin levels, sleeping sounder and less stress is a good thing in my life.
Sex can regulate your menstrual cycle. Many woman struggle with irregular periods which cannot only be frustrating but cause issues for them as well. Planned Parenthood conducted a study on women comparing their sexual habits with their estrogen levels and menstrual cycles. Women who had sex at least once a week had increased estrogen levels and their menstrual cycles were more regular than the women who had sex less frequently.
Have you ever noticed that while having sex your aches and pains become less noticeable? That is because the endorphins released while having sex increase our pain threshold giving us a short amount of relief from our headache, backache, arthritus or other pains. So ladies, no more using the excuse that your head hurts. Your guy will have every right to respond that he can fix that  (at least temporarily) with a little fun in the bedroom.
Those same endorphins that help with your pain physically can also help with you mental pain. Decrease in depression has also been linked to the release of natural endorphins from having sex. Many studies have shown that women who have sex regularly are less likely to become depressed.
Have you ever noticed how sexy and good you feel about yourself after having sex? That is no coincidence--researchers at the University of Texas found that one of the reasons people have sex is to boost their self esteem. You let go of your inhibitions and your fears and find yourself confident during sex.
Apparently having sex is a lot more than just feeling amazing--it's actually good, make that great, for you and your partner.
Carrie Dahle

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