I’m so busy this week so thought I would share a couple of soup recipes that I like to make on weeks like this.  Everyone loves to be able to grab a bowl when they need to.  Beats junk food!

Today I’m making Potato Soup..It’s a little fattening but very filling and my family loves it!  It’s also VERY inexpensive to make.

13 peeled potato’s

2 carrots peeled and chopped fine

8 cups water

8 tsp. chicken bullion

2 Tbsp.. dried parsley

1 pint of half and half

2 Tbsp.. butter

Put in water and bouillon in large pot.  add peeled and chopped potatoes.  Add chopped carrots.  Cook until tender –Mash with potato masher- add half and half,  butter and parsley.

That’s it!  Trust me it’s deelish!  I got this recipe from one my dearest friends..she had this soup ready for me after all of my births and it was so comforting.   Enjoy!


  • this soup can easily be cut in half OR doubled:)
  • I use my little food processer to chop carrots (I have a Ninja and LOVE it)
  • you can bacon bits,  green onions,  cheese,  croutons,  crackers

What do you like to cook on your most busy weekdays?

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