Operation Playtime-12 days of unplugged play

"In the last few years, I've been writing about spending time with your under 5 kiddo doing activities that are open ended, developmentally appropriate, spontaneous, creative, not necessarily craft based, doing it for the sake of it and not for a specific product, using exploratory play, encouraging no-battery play, and finding and using interesting items we have at home.

This style of play with wooden blocks, sheets for tents, can seem strangely old fashioned and slow in a world of DS, Wii, Educational Toys & DvDs.

I've tried to show there doesn't have to be an either or. Just more of a balance. I don't see the plugged toys having any problem with showing us their way but perhaps we all need a reminder about how important unplugged play really is with real examples."

Source: Play activities

Today was the last day of the 12 days but you can start at anytime and catch the unplugged wave.

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