I've recently started a new hashtag on Twitter called #WepaWednesday.

"Wepa", pronounced Weh-Pah, is a spanish slang word, which I believe originated with Puerto Ricans. It was originally used when dancing Salsa as an exclamation. It was a way to voice excitement or a great salsa dance move. It is now more mainstream and used in various ways to mean various things, like cool or awesome. It can also be used to show various emotions, like excitement or even surprise. Ultimately the word's inflection and definition can be changed by the way it is utilized in a sentence.

Several Tweeters have asked me about the meaning of "Wepa". I would like to create a post explaining the term. As a Puerto Rican I use the word in various ways but would like to find out how you use the word "Wepa" and what it means to you! Also, out of curiousity (yes I am nosy!) please let me know if this is the first time you have heard of the word.

Leave me a comment with your responses! FYI: I will make sure to give you credit in the post! Thanks!

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Comment by Ms. Latina on September 2, 2009 at 8:13pm
Thank you Monica and Melanie!

I think because I am in NY, I never realized this before. My group of spanish friends are from Columbia, Equador, Cuba, Santo Domingo and Mexico but they understand the saying, perhaps because we grew up together. It seems the most logical answer considering that so many people on twitter did not understand the phrase.

I am amazed at how social media highlights our differences yet allows us to also connect with one another and share our many experiences, even over something so small as the word "wepa".
Comment by Melanie (Modern Mami) on September 2, 2009 at 6:59pm
I think it is only used by Boricuas. I've only ever heard us say it. I was taught it means pretty much what you described. It's a way of showing excitement about something. :)
Comment by Monica Olivera on September 2, 2009 at 6:29pm
I was wondering what it meant, too. Have never heard the expression before, but am half Spanish and half Mexican. Great to know what's going on around me!
Comment by Ms. Latina on September 2, 2009 at 4:54pm
Gracias Mami Jennifer for your response!

As a Puerto Rican, I did not realize that it was considered a Puerto Rican word until I tweeted the hashtag. The thought had never occured to me since New York is such a melting pot full of Latinos from all over the world.

However, I have received so many questions about the hashtag and am hoping to provide some clarification in a post before next week's #WepaWednesday. I am trying to compile a list of responses from other Latinos/Latinas to include in the post and will make sure to include your comment in the post!

Mil gracias por tu ayuda! It means alot to me =)

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Comment by Mami Jennifer on September 2, 2009 at 10:02am
I'm glad you brought this up. I was born and raised in NY and know what "wepa" means but only really used it around my Puerto Rican friends or when i was out clubbin'! :) To be honest, since I am Peruvian, I never really thought it was a word that was used by any other Latinos except Puerto Ricans. I figured they had "dibs" on it like Mexicans have "dibs" on Orale! I'm still trying to find a word that I can call on for the Peruvians. But in the meantime I will keep on using all my fellow latinos words and hope you don't mind. Great question and if I had to say what it means to me I'd say it means excitement and "stand back, I'm about to start partying!"
Thanks mami!





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