Spent 8 minutes this week having my eyebrows shaped. Yes, I am aware how ridiculous this is. That a decent pair of tweezers and a steady hand can do the same thing and for $30 less.

But there’s the rub. I don’t have a steady pair of hands – nor do I trust my visual abilities to know if I’ve done the trick or not. When I started seeing Connie two years ago, my fascist technician, she fairly yelled at me for the destruction I had brought on my face.

“This is too short. This is too skinny. You cannot touch your eyebrows ever again. Do you see this?”

But of course, that’s the point. I didn’t. I guess I thought my mishapened arches were holding up my face just fine. Although, of course, I suspected they weren’t anymore — which is why I handed them over to the furious, immensely skilled hands of Connie. She cuts. She waxes. She tweezes.

Now I like to believe my eyebrows could hold their own against any others. They’re arched. They’re long. They’re full – but not too full. In short, they’re better than anything my sad little silver tweezer had accomplished ever since I picked her up that first day in graduate school. (And yep, I still have the same one.)

And yes, I believe that $30 is well-worth the expense for me. Anyone else have something they know might be ridiculous to some, but they’re aren’t willing to part with? Love to hear….

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Comment by Lea Curtes-Swenson on September 18, 2009 at 5:20pm
Hi Lauren! A million years ago, I had a long-term "relationship" with a hair stylist who was absolutely fabulous. He knew my hair, he knew me and my lifestyle, and the man had some serious talent. He even did hair for my wedding. I eventually moved away, and all other stylists in the ten years since have been compared to him. No one measured up. Ever.

So, when I moved back to the Twin Cities, I looked him up, eager for a quality hair cut. He now owns two salons and employs 30 or so people... and he now charges $95 for a cut! Gah!

Long story long, I invested in one cut. Or so I told myself. Just to get back on track. Of course, my husband was horrified. Now, 12 weeks later, the question is: do I go back to him (him, the stylist; I stayed with my husband)? Or have him recommend a junior stylist I can really afford? *sigh* I'm afraid it's going to be the latter! (Cue the sound of dreams being cruelly dashed... and yes, I do know how lame I am.)




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