Okay, I normally just add a link to my site to show you what I did. I'll just put the parts of what I did and then if you'd like to read the rest of my blog you can click on the link. Oh yeah, mine seems like baby steps to you hard lifters. I'm working on it LOL!

   Okay, let’s get it on! Here’s what I did today: Abs roller (3s, 15r); kneeling cable crunch (3s, 15r @ 30); toes-to-ceiling hip raise (3s, 15r); oblique bench crunch (3s, 15r); rear foot elevated split squat (3s, 15r); in and out squat (3s, 12r @ 30); body weight step down (3s, 15r); deadlifts (3s, 15r @ 30); hip extension (3s, 10r). http://germainesfitnessblog.blogspot.com/

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