Molly, Wild Barn Owl Hatching & Raising Young Via Live Webcam - Educational Experience Viewed by Millions

Hopefully your family is enjoying owl the Live Webcam Owl Box Broadcast that has gone viral on the Internet with more than 5 MILLION VIEWS since 2/15/10. The unmanned camera has given the world a 24/7 chance to see
Molly, a wild barn owl, hatching and raising her young in an Owl Box in San Marcos, California. If you haven't seen it already, you'll
find the link to The Owl Box Cam at the end of this post.

My own kids and I have marveled at the chance to see the baby owls actually hatching and observing how both the mom and dad owl are feeding and caring for their new family. This is a wonderful thing to watch with your kids, and it's educational too. Just think of the fun it will be to watch the baby owlets grow up all the way until they're old enough to fly out of the nest alone.

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