The identity of the American man, has it changed over time? I think it has. My grandfather talked about his duty to his family with his military work in Alaska and working on the railroad. His identity as a man was how hard he worked with his hands and how much he provided for his family. Today its a bit hazy. Is the identity of a man the CEO of a multimillion dollar company? Or is it the guy pushing his child down the street in a stroller while his wife is at work? (Before you think I'm against the stay at home dad, I'm not, and I think its great, but just hear me out for a minute) At what point does a male become a "man" by society's standards? Back in the day it was when you went off to war. Now is it when you graduate high school, or is it when you no longer have your parents paying for your cell phone and car insurance? The lines are definitely obscured these days. As William J Bennet, CNN journalist writes, in his article Men Have Become The Target of Jokes, I'm clearly not surprised.

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Comment by Darlene Lynch on September 16, 2013 at 11:40pm

I agree with Heather, it isn't a certain age that makes a man "A Man." My dad, did whatever he could do to provide for us 5 kids. Mom was a stay at home mom, she also did her part. Childcare to help with the bills. We may not have had much, we did have two parents that loved us very much. My grandfathers were the same way.

Comment by Heather Huffman on January 31, 2012 at 2:50pm

I think part of the problem is that society now seems to endorse an extended adolescent period (arrested development). I have seen relationships crumble because the man is more interested in playing video and computer games than in taking care of his family. 

Personally, I don't think "manhood" begins at a certain age or can be marked by a rite of passage. Maybe you're on to something when you suggest that it's the point when he becomes responsible for himself and/or his family. 





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