The Barnacle started preschool this week and I didn’t even have to pry her off me. She put her lunchbox in her cubby, sat down in circle time and kissed me goodbye. Apparently, I need to find her a new nickname.

Wanna know what else I need to find? A job.

Yes, my days of starting up are, apparently, over. There’s only so much my lovely and patient husband can endure, what with me closing my business to open the as-yet-profitless EcoStiletto, followed by this site, followed by a hundred other pie-in-the-eco-sky ideas of changing the world.

He’s tired of being the sole breadwinner. And with the-child-formerly-known-as-The-Barnacle in school, I have no real
excuse for not going out and earning some bread.

The timing couldn’t be better, what with the Obama Administration sinking $80 billion into clean energy—including new sustainable jobs. If there’s one thing I know, it’s green business. The question is how to put that knowledge to work and get a paycheck,

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