When I was working at KNAZ I had a co-worker of mine give me a wonderful baby gift and I was only about 9 or 10 weeks along. She gave me the cutest little Nike baby socks and this beautiful white silk and fuzzy blanket. Its fuzzy on one side and has a duck sewn into the corner of the blanket and silky on the other side. My son has had this blanket along with many other blankets in his crib or pack n play since birth but he's always taken to this blanket. I think its because he loved the silky feel to it. As he got older and as his friend CB had a favorite blanket that she had to bring to my house, I would deter him from trying to steal her blanket by showing him he had a special blanket too. My son will be turning three in March and since he was about a year old, him and his blanket have been inseparable. Of course we can get by from taking it out on outings with us, but this blanket has had many washings. Its seen the ugly side of vomit, poop, been dragged in the dirt at the zoo, made its trek to California with us on vacation, seen the beach and the sand and kept my baby warm after a day in the surf, and its been everything to this little guy.

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