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A smile to remember me by.That was my dream as a young childhood performer and dancer. Clearly I did not want to be remebered as the girl on stage with the overbite and the crooked teeth.My journey for a photo worthy smile began at age 12. My parents took me to my first orthodontist who determined his strategy was going to be putting on those awful metal eyesores they called braces and working to expand shrink the bite while straightening my upper teeth. Progress was slow and steady.

Soon my military father recieved an assignment that had us relocating to Alaska. Upon arrival I began appointments with yet another Orthodontist whose approach was completely the opposite and I was quickly outfitted with expanders and the even more embarassing headgear. Through this humiliating time with a shiny metal mouth I continued to feel embarassed while performing under public scrutiny and found myself actually smiling less. Time elapsed and eventually my braces were removed and I was given a retainer to wear for the year following treatment.

After moving to Florida my checkups/treatment were deemed unnecessary and discontinued. I continued my love affair with the stage and performing and soon began modeling with the Teen Board. It was about this time that I began to notice my teeth had shifted and were showing gaps yet again. I was torn which of the evils was worse having people notice crooked front teeth with gaps or a shiny metal mouth. Feeling the pressure regarding appearance that teens do I opted to not pursue treatment once again. However this concern as to a less than stellar smile nagged in the back of my head for some time to come.

Some years later I married and shared my concern with my husband who encouraged me to get orthodontic treatment once again. I spent my young twenties with traditional braces and was later moved along to wearing a retainer. I stopped wearing my retainer when I had an impacted tooth removed and it no longer fit properly. Much to my dismay once again my teeth began to shift due to the newly created space in my mouth.

I spent the next few years envying celebrities and friends with perfectly aligned and white smiles. After all a smile is one of the very first impressions people have of you and affects how they respond to you in both business and personal interactions. I soon heard about Invisalign and thought to myself if only I had heard about this sooner. Not only can Invisalign help me to regain confidence in my adult smile it would have been a perfect solution if it had existed in my teen years. I will now consider it a possible solutions for my dental worries as well as those of my children. Acessing treatment with Invisalign can give me something to smile about with confidence once more.



Invisalign, What is it?

Invisalign uses clear trays custom molded to your bite pattern to realign and gently shift your teeth according to the plan devised by your orthodontist. These are perfect for image conscious adults and teens because there are no unsightly metal brackets...From a distance you can't even tell that a person is even wearing them. There is even a specially designed program for teens. (Invisalign Teen treatment is ideal for busy parents because there are never any emergency appointments caused by broken wires or brackets. And you spend less time at the orthodontist’s office, with fewer appointments and less chair time for uncomfortable tightenings.)

How easy is it to use?

Every two weeks you pop in a new set of trays to gently continue the process.The trays are easily removable for eating..

What are the benefits of the Invisalign treatment/

The arrival of Invisalign G3 makes it easier for orthodontists/dentists to treat people with complex cases so they can enjoy the benefits of straightening their teeth without the discomfort and embarrassment often associated with metal (or fixed) braces. Such complex cases include: severe misalignment, overbite, underbite, and crossbones

The convenience given by these removable trays can't be beat.Unlike braces with brackets and more that are difficult to keep clean and teeth white these trays are easily cleaned in addition to allowing for a more thorough toothbrushing.

It is important to get treatment from an orthodontist familiar with Invisalign. Prospective patients should get a second opinion from an Invisalign Preferred Provider if they have been told that they are NOT a candidate for Invisalign


Further in depth answers to your questions regarding cost,treatment and recomendations can be found at:

This was a post sponsored by Invisalign allowing me the blogging opportunity to share my personal story regarding the importance of a healthy and attractive smile and good dental health.

;)"When your smiling the whole world smiles back at you."

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