Intrauterine Insemination didn't work, starting to doubt that we will ever have a third child but here we go again....

Intrauterine Insemination was not successful this month, well when I say not successful, it did make me ovulate well, but no pregnancy. I took it really hard this month, hence not writing this until day 6 of my next cycle. I sort of crumbled, but with the help of my amazing hubby and fab friend I am back on track.

This weekend I think when I crumbled I accepted the fact that it may never happen for us and if it doesn't I am already blessed with 2 great boys. It maybe just wasn't meant to be. Saying that, we are having another course of treatment this month - I am taking the clomid now and then on day 12 I am booked in for my scan.

I have done a full blog post and squidoo lens on this (it seems to give me a bit of comfort writing about it all.)


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