Perhaps you felt guilty about making money? Perhaps you felt that if you earn more money then someone else will lose out?

Posted by: David and Wilna Murphy
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We all have mental blocks which prevent us from achieving any more success and wealth than we believe we are capable of achieving. For instance, just think for a moment about how much money you would like to earn in the next year. Now, whatever figure you came up with represents a block in itself. Why didn't you think of a higher figure?

If you didn't say '', then ask yourself why?

Many people have become millionaires only to lose it all and then earn a fortune all over again. It is in fact a relatively common example of lightning striking twice. Making money is really no different from any other goal. Making money does not necessarily mean cheating other people or even compromising your own values. Many good and respected people in the world whose sincerity can never be doubted have, all the same, made a fortune along the way.

Mental blocks and limiting self-beliefs stop us from achieving all that we are capable of achieving as human beings. If you don't believe deep down that you will earn enough money to free yourself from worry and difficulty and to enjoy life more, then you won't. If you start to believe in the possibility then the chances are you will start to change your behavior and thought processes appropriately.
We can start to help you to believe in yourself, to build up self confidence and motivation and to develop well defined outcomes for your life.

We can help you to expand your beliefs and understanding of money and how to make more of it. Understanding and unlocking your empowerment and imagination, and help you to understand your own massive value.
Imagine yourself in the future having discovered your true value. Imagine clearly that you have earned a fortune and you are expecting to increase your fortune.

Ask yourself a few questions;
* What did you have to do to get there?
* What beliefs did you have to change about yourself or the world in order to earn your fortune?
* Exactly how much more money do you want to make?
* What are you going to do with it?

We recommend starting your journey by working on these and other relevant questions. You will then find plenty of other useful advice, resources on our website.
This is a technique which has knowingly or unknowingly been mastered by entrepreneurs throughout history.

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Whether you’ve considered coaching in the past or are new to this concept, We want to help make this easier for you.

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* This will help you determine if “The Million-Dollar System” is right for you.
* In the end, you have complete control in all areas of your life, once you know how. And that includes attracting money.
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Just take inspired action today.


David and Wilna Murphy

P.S. Life can only get better when you have unwavering belief in yourself and the courage to conquer all your limiting beliefs. This is how you move forward. I also want you to ask yourself, “If not now, when?” “If not “The Million-Dollar System”, then what?” A better life comes down to a few life-changing decisions. Make yours today and get started. Put my “Million-dollar System” to work for you right away. to learn more, please visit “The Million-Dollar System” at…

David and Wilna Murphy Coaching

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