How to Make a Professional Twitter Background Using Keynote ‘09 or Power Point

I decided to join the herd (not my usual style) and sign up for Twitter a few months ago. I had picked the brand name of “MsWonka”, so also chose this as my Twitter name. I was happy to see the name was still available.

Twitter is very user friendly in guiding you to make a Twitter profile. I filled in the blanks, updated my settings and presto, I was ready to Twitter. While I was happy with the results of my Twitter profile I had created, the blahsay background image was lacking. I messed around with Twitter’s available images and color schemes to find something to differentiate myself from the sea of other “tweeps”. I wanted my background to “pop”, as they say in the designer’s world.

I decided to take the matters into my own hands and looked at several other profiles of people I was following. It was amazing to see how diverse everyone’s Twitter backgrounds were. It was obvious they, too, had decided Twitter lacked any real style to their background images.

I searched Google for how to make a custom Twitter background and found a great Twitter template download for Apple’s Keynote software at The Closet Entrepreneur. They also have the Twitter template available for PowerPoint users.

After downloading this template, I then did the following steps:

- Double clicked on the download to open up the Twitter template in my Keynote ‘09 software.

- Chose a theme from the Keynote “Themes”. (On a side note, this is where I decided to set my background color as a custom solid color. The Keynote themes weren’t all that exciting to me. I did the custom background as the last step since I wanted to see the Twitter outline while aligning the images and text boxes.)

- Inserted my desired text via the “Text Box” button and changed the text colors and fonts to my liking. I further manipulated the text by adding a picture frame via the ”Inspector” > “Graphic Inspector” > “Stroke” > “Picture Frame” functions. I was also able to rotate the text box via “Inspector” > “Metrics Inspector” > “Rotate”.

- Inserted my pictures via the “Media” button and used the “Inspector” functions as I did with the text boxes.

- At this point I wanted to see how I did with the sizing of the text and image boxes on my actual Twitter page before adding my custom background color, so I saved my work. To save your file, go to “File” > “Save As” > “Name of File”. Then go back to “File” > “Export” > “Images” > “JPEG” > “Next” and save to your desired folder, then “Export” and you are done.

- Logged onto my Twitter account and uploaded my new Twitter background via “Settings” > “Design” > “Change Background Image” > “Choose File” (from where you downloaded it) > “Save Changes”.

-Viewed my new Twitter background on my Twitter account and noted any size and alignment changes (if any) I needed to make on the text and image boxes.

-Went back to my Keynote software and made the necessary changes.

-Added my custom background color via “Inspector” > “Slide Inspector” > “Appearance” > “Background” > “Color Fill” (there are other neat color options here you can experiment with, i.e., “Gradient”, “Image”, “Tinted Image”.

-Saved my file again and uploaded to my Twitter account. Done! I LOVE IT! Check out my Twitter background and see for yourself how professional it looks.

I highly recommend customizing your own Twitter background. It’s fun and relatively easy to do. I hate to admit I spent about 4 or 5 hours on mine because of my annoying detail-oriented brain, but I think it was time well spent. Give it a try!

LESSON LEARNED: Never settle for the basic options if you can do it yourself!

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Comment by Laura Rucker on June 26, 2009 at 2:45pm
Hi Heather. I'm happy to help. I found this info online, however, rewrote it to exactly how I did it since I like very detailed instructions. I hope it works for you in Power Point. I used Keynote to make mine since I have a MacBook laptop. :) I'd love to see your Twitter background when you get it done. Have fun! I enjoyed the design process and probably took longer than I shoudl have but am very happy with the results. :)

Laura Rucker
a.k.a. MsWonka
Comment by Heather Coleman on June 26, 2009 at 12:10pm
Thanks so much for this information. I was just thinking today how I desperately need to change my background and make it customized so it suits me. I'll check out the template for PowerPoint!




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