I was with my sister yesterday hanging out as always with the usual girl talk and letting the kids run around. Even though my sister has a lot of kids, her kids have gotten older so her house is at a different stage of life than mine. My girls are little and get into everything so when we come over to her house - it's a total hazard. Within a few minutes, they had markers and crayons all over the floor, they drew with sharpie on my sister's work papers, and drew with sharpie on her new desk. I am hoping that the magic eraser that removes sharpie really exists like I told her. (Any suggestions on where I can find it - please post it below.) They had magazines and picture frames all over the floor and they took out her drawers and had her clothes all over the floor in her closet. (ha ha ha ha ha can't help it).

They don't do this at home because they have toys to play with but my sisters expects children to find something to do with all the toys put away on shelves and closets. ?

Without being able to go to my sister's once or twice a week would be really hard because my husband works 6 1/2 days per week and I am with my girls all the time. I have my business which helps me keep my sanity a little bit. But my sister and my mother are my support system and being away from them would be harder to be a stay at home mom.

While I was at my sister's her kids came in and gave some very unfortunate news about their friend's mother. She had just passed the night before. She was a young stay at home mother of a 4 and 7 year old girl. After thinking about this, I realized how often I hear of unhappy stay at home moms especially here in Las Vegas. I wonder if it's because many come with their husbands but move away from their family to have the ability to live with one income. But when they move here, they are leaving what they know and most times their support systems (family, sisters, mothers, friends, church etc).


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