Hello to all this is my Newbie entry ^.^

Okay seeing how this is my very first night on Twitter Moms I just want to make this entry short but memorable. I have a WebSite of my own that I started a ways back and tonight was the night of my life. I got 100 hits finally. ^.^ I know that's baby steps to some that know the website making ways but to me I was running all over the house and telling my kids to come in here now please please..^.^ I looked like a chicken with my head chopped off. xPP
Well my husband was very happy for me and he was loving about it. my whizkid son computer nerd I should say. ^.^ Well he was like "nice but could be better Mom" Yeah that burst my bubble . But I wont let it get to me, nope. I am going to keep trying and working at it. My site is mostly about helping others and being a shoulder to lean on. I even will do phone consulting. I love to help in anyway that I possibly can. I have let family that isn't my kids or just people that my kids or brother or sister know live with me and helped them out til they could help themselves.
Yes I am that dedicated to people and their needs of me. If I was a Millionaire I would probably give most of my millions away to those that need it more. I am not a person that wants to be rich I just want to be happy and live a full life of doing something that means something. I know I have to make money too. That is why I try my darnedest to make money in anyway i can . But being rich , that's not my way.
Okay Okay I am rambling on now. ^.^ I have a tendency to do that. I will close up this entry and finish up. Love you all and have a GREAT Thanks Giving .

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Comment by Patty on November 18, 2009 at 2:36am
Ty for stopping and commenting. And also Thanks for what you said. That gives me a lil more intensive to keep working at it. ^.^ Thanks for the welcome as well. I think I will love this place. ^.~ Hard to find other Moms to talk to.
Comment by jan held on November 18, 2009 at 12:22am
Sounds like you have a good thing going to me--keep up the good work! Welcome to the site--I am new as well and enjoy the site very much.




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