Being a fashionable woman is hard enough but having to deal with back gap, headlights, bumps and lumps and bra strap slippage is enough to make a woman scream. There are solutions for these fashion dilemmas, so let’s take a peek at a select few.

Do you have the same problem I do, back gap? It isn’t pretty to show off your undies and give everyone a peep show. I find often my pants fit everywhere nicely but are bigger in the waist and I need a belt but do not want a bump from the belt buckle. To eliminate those unwanted peep shows why not opt for an Invisabelt, $19.95. The Invisabelt lays flat and adjusts like a bra strap, this belt is virtually invisible. Say goodbye to peep shows!

The Spanx Power Panties, $30, are a girls BFF since they give you body shaping control and eliminate those bumps that you just don’t care to share.

The Bod-A-Bing Lattice Edge Mesh Tank, $48, also by Spanx, has a built in liner to shape and trim your tummy and waistline. This tank can be worn alone or under a suit and will over support in all the right areas.

There is nothing more embarrassing that sporting a set of headlights, this will surely draw attention. The Pure Style Girlfriends: Smooth-Em Nipple Covers, $17, are reusable silicone that lay flat, are waterproof, can be worn up to 20 times and will offer concealment exactly where you want it.

Wearing tank tops in the summer is a must but having your bra straps peek out or fall down is a big no-no, but the Holiday Hook Ups, $10, will solve this problem. You can convert any bra to a racer back and prevent your bra straps from falling down with this simple accessory.

The modern woman has so many tools at her fingertips and with a few simple accessories you can solve your fashion dilemma. So go ahead and take advantage of some modern inventions that can make looking fabulous effortless.

Article written by Kristen Andrews of Kristen's Custom Creations.

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Comment by Kristen Andrews: Featured Contributor of Style on July 29, 2009 at 6:56am
glad to help ladies, always nice to have some handy tools!
Comment by Mignon on July 29, 2009 at 6:54am
These are some great useful items. Thanks for sharing. I'm loving the invisible belt - not seen that one before.
Comment by Stefanie Mullen on July 28, 2009 at 11:01am
Have been trying to find the Smooth-ems everywhere! Thanks for bringing them to me. Will be ordering today!




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