Guide to Getting Rid Of The Belly Flap


May is Mommy Belly Makeover Month and I've been posting a step by step plan to help you get rid of that post baby fat
on your belly on the Blog.

It's been about 2 weeks now, how are your results coming along?

I do have many more hands on strategies and videos to share with you but wanted to address one of the most common concerns posted on the blog as well as sent to my personal email, which has to do with....The Belly Flap!

"I would love to see lots of video work for that low belly flap, roll of fat. Mine is more like an apron of fat, but I am working on it and I can't tell things are starting to change, but I would love to see it go faster !!!! thanks Holly!"

While I can make a TON of videos all centering around workouts that boost your metabolism, tighten your tummy, create new curves...not one of these videos will specifically target the dreaded "Belly Flap".

Yes, strength based workouts are the foundation to revving up your metabolism and giving you the body shaping muscle you need to feel and see faster total body results, but the Belly Flap in and of itself cannot be eliminated through exercise alone.

Exercise alone does not target fat on the belly.
Exercise alone cannot fix lose skin.
BUT...Exercise CAN strengthen and tighten your deep core muscles.

To make a difference you must take into consideration the factors that have lead to your post baby belly flap such as:

- age
- exercise pre and post baby
- eating healthy pre and post baby
- overweight prior to pregnancy ...for how long?
- amount of weight gained during pregnancy
- how quickly the weight was gained
- environmental factors
(oxidative stress, excessive sun exposure, nutritional deficiency)
- genetics

Based on these factors, for some it is an "apron" of skin....for others its more of a muffin top....for all it is a Problem Area.

Regardless...the 1st Step to making a Difference is to get focused and honest about your eating habits. What and How you eat will have the BIGGEST and FASTEST impact on your belly flap and is 100% within your control.

I'm sure you've heard it all before - Abs are Made In the Kitchen.

Now once the fat begins to "melt away" you can reassess your belly flap.

Fat loss that takes place over time - losing 1-2 lbs of fat per week, allows your body time to adjust and resume to normal as well get filled with nutrients and vitamins that promote healthy and vibrant skin.

Still Have Loose Skin?
Sure, regardless of how much belly fat is lost, loose skin may still be a lingering issue for women for they have lost the elasticity of their skin due to one or more of the factors listed above.

Before you make a decision to do anything else about it - stay focused and committed to your goal of changing your body composition.

The best possible results will come when you have reduced your overall body fat percentage and can truly assess what is excess skin.

Bottom line....
getting rid of the Belly Flap takes discipline, commitment and persistence on your part to eat supportively exercise effectively.

The hardest part is being patient with the process.

As the highlight question above stated...
"I would love to see it go faster ..."

Fact is you must give your body time to transform.
Fat will melt away, skin will get tighter as your body fat gets lower.

Stick to what you KNOW works with Fit Yummy Mummy and you WILL get positive results.


Stay Tuned for more Mommy Belly Makeover Tips!


Your Friend and Coach,


Holly Rigsby

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Comment by Shannon Bruneck on January 26, 2014 at 3:21am

Great tips! I think routine aerobic exercise for 20-30 minutes a day followed by balanced diet are realle effective in losing the actual fat in mid-section. Pilates or Yoga does a great job in tightening up the skin and muscles. Thanks for sharing!

Comment by Portia M. on May 24, 2011 at 8:50pm
Great tips as usual, Holly. I was hoping for a magic bullet *eyes closed in prayer* but know you are so right. I'm working on my post-baby muffin top and have definitely been using your tips.
Comment by Ronke Alao on May 19, 2011 at 10:00am
Thanks for the tips Holly.




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