We all have those 911 moments in life. Although being an adult does come with its share of paperwork but sadly there is no manual. I mean seriously, what is up with all the paperwork? Anyway, I had some 911 situations come up and learned some lessons the hard way. Is there an easy way to learn a lesson? I know not, but any event I hope these tips help you.

Going to the ER --Do you stay or do you go?

In my house, a trip to the ER stirs up quite a bit of debate. Do we stay or do we go? So here's a rule of thumb straight from my doctor's mouth - if you are bleeding for more than an hour, go to the ER. I sat with my bleeding pinkie for five hours before I drove to the ER in the middle of the night.

When it comes to your kids, my doc always says,"It's better to be safe than sorry, especially when dealing with fevers over 103. When in doubt just go."

Appliance Breakdown -- It's Alright

Our dishwasher started leaking water. It's clearly broken. I spent an hour on the phone trying to find someone to repair it, since it's no longer covered under a warranty. Then, I looked on the dishwasher and what did I see? I number from Frigidaire for parts and services. I called the number and the lovely customer service representative gave me two numbers for manufacturer service companies in my area. So the next time one of your appliances breaks down, look on the appliance for the parts & repair number and save yourself a lot of time and grief.

Broken Windows

First of all, if you lock yourself out of your house call a locksmith. It's a lot cheaper than fixing a broken window. Trust me on this one. There are 24 hour window repair companies that will come out to your house in an hour or two. BUT it can take up to three to five days to get the replacement window and the cost of paying the company to board up your window can start at $200. I broke a 2x2 window in my office and the cost of the repair for the glass alone cost $245. So breaking into your house can break your bank. So keep that in mind, when you are about to break into your house.

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