ENERGY RESCUE NEEDS YOUR HELP!… Please Become An Energy Angel!

                                                        ENERGY RESCUE NEEDS YOUR HELP!…


This is certainly a difficult time for families to be living without utilities. Soon it will be too hot to be without cooling for your home. In hot weather or cold weather…it is never good to have your utilities shut off. Yet, it happens everyday.

Please help us make a difference!

Let’s make this A Safer Year for all of our friends and neighbors.

We need you to become "Energy Angels"!

Please visit us at send us an email and you can choose your option and make your Tax Deductible Donation to help us end suffering today.
We Thank You For Support!

2011  Brings Us a Great Opportunity to Help Lots of Families!

Every year in Nebraska, for instance, a front page story tells us about a
family shut off from their Utility Companies – Whose house burnt down
in the winter and lives were lost as they tried to heat their home with the oven or
candles or dangerous space heaters. In the summer families shut off from the utility companies are forced into Shelters to find relief from the heat.

I started this Charitable Organization so NO family has to be that Desperate for heating or cooling. Desperation makes people act and do things that they normally would not do. This causes so much stress and tension in a home and children feel it.b>

All families should live… WITH LIFE’S BASICS: Clean, Running Water, Electricity, Gas, Heating & Cooling for their homes.
Energy Rescue, Inc. is here to see that they do find the help they need.

Energy Angels are made up of our Sponsor and Donors who support and contribute to Energy Rescue, Inc. - making a difference in lives of children and their families.

Your Charitable Giving shows that you care and you want to help them now.

At Energy Rescue, Inc., - Our main goal is to keep utilities on in households throughout our communities. The number of people in need of help with their utility bills is staggering and children are suffering.

When you become AN ENERGY ANGEL. ..You will help to bring heating and cooling back into a household where children are suffering. In the rural areas, we want to help those families as well with their utilities, propane, kerosene and water, to ensure these families don't suffer without Life's Basics.

People can receive help and change their Energy Crisis and become
Self-Reliant in an Energy Efficient Home that will keep their families Safe and Secure.

President Obama is Giving Us Hope For Our Future! ... Thank You, Sir!

This Summer….Energy Rescue, Inc. is proud to be one of the Charities working with

the MUSIC Community to hold Benefit Concerts to raise awareness to

the Energy Crisis people are facing today!

Pato Banton, performed for us on April 19, 2009 at The BarFly!  Energy Rescue was there holding a fundraiser to help restore Utility Service to those suffering in Survival Mode. 

Thank You PATO.. for Your Support!  

This Was A Great Start to Help Heal Our World through the Positive Vibes from Pato Banton!

We are very happy to encourage Musicians and Artists to Join Us!
We hope to hold several Great Concerts in Omaha this year!

Give the Gift of  Heat and Warmth to those out in Our Community!

On EARTH DAY, April 22, 2009 ... Energy Rescue, Inc. PROUDLY

introduced our partnership with the Brilliant GLOBAL ORGANIZATION CALLED... hOW - Help Our World!

             Kindness is the golden chain by which society is bound together.

                                       --Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

We share the some of the same goals and have joined together to make a huge impact on our world. Several Countries join together to make up this wonderful Collaboration Called - hOw! Please visit our website for the details and updates! Thank You Thorsten! You are the strength that keeps us all connected! Your Heart is So Big and We are so proud of YOU and Our International Partners representing: Brazil, Australia, India, Germany, Holland and Energy Rescue here in              Omaha, Nebraska, North America!

                                   Be A Part of  the New GREEN ECONOMY! 

                                  Make the Positive Change our World Needs!

  Energy Rescue is starting out here in Omaha, Nebraska ...and we plan to be in   every state in the USA... because ...  America Needs Energy Rescue!

Providing a Safety Net ... For Those Who Fall Through The Cracks of Society!

To make a Donation or Join Us and Become our Newest Energy Angel
please send me an email @ and I will direct you to
 your  payment options.

Please call us at 402-238-1221

Thank you for sharing and caring for your communities!

We appreciate you helping to make a change today and for our future!

Blessings to You!

Ms. Tonya M. Ward, President & Founder
Energy Rescue, Inc.           

A very personal experience to share with you:

Another reason why I started this organization, is to improve the Image of the Utility Companies to their Customers. We need to open the lines of communication and work better with people living on fixed incomes below Federal Poverty Level.  This will allow them an opportunity to get caught up on their Utility Bills and Become Self-Reliant so they may take great care of their families once again.

I walked in these very shoes last year. At that time my only income was Child Support of  $330.00 a month...
That was my budget... with my new born baby and my two sons.  It was just us fout...We were left abandoned in SURVIVAL MODE trying to live without clean running water and gas for 3 months in a row.  Thank God  I knew how to make it and be very creative and resourceful to survive..It was an exhausting experience.

I tried to find help and it was so hard to find. The utility company would not work with my budget and restore my services.
  At one point I borrowed $400.00 and they accepted it turned it back on and a week later shut it off again because they demanded another payment. They gave me such a horrible, hopeless feeling.

We survived by getting drinking water delivered to our home by IDEAL WATER of Omaha. They were instrumental in helping me make warm bottles of formula for my new born baby, hot chocolate for my sons and hot coffee for me!  They brought us the cooler that has the hot and cold water spout. That was one of our life savers. We could not drink the water from the hose on a regular basis.

My neighbor next to my home and was kind enough to let me fill the bathtub with water twice a day so I could wash dishes in hot soapy water with bleach added, mop the floors, clean up and give my sons hot bubble baths. I would make 10 trips from the bathtub to the kitchen stove - with my biggest pot and boil the water on my electric stove until I had enough heated up to give my sons their hot bubble baths.

All I could think of at this time was how in the world did Lora Ingles and her family   do it year after year? I am so glad I watched The Waltons, Little House on the Prairie and Swiss Family Robinson growing up in Nebraska. (big smile)

That was back breaking work ... worth all the effort just to see the smiles on my squeaky clean son's beautiful faces.

They knew their momma was doing her best. I love them so much for that.

Unconditional Love:  I promised my sons - When I get back on my feet I will start a charity to help people who are walking in our shoes and give them a way out..                   And here we are today.

My prayer is that we prepare to have help in our communities for our families.

Thank you taking your time and reading about Energy Rescue, Inc.

Energy Rescue, Inc. is here to show America The Heart in Energy!

If you would like to become a Sponsor of Energy Rescue, Inc.
You can also contact me direct at:

or email us at

Ms.Tonya Ward, President and Founder of Energy Rescue, Inc.

Ms. Wendy Yancey, Vice President of Energy Rescue, Inc.

                                      We Thank You for Your Generosity!


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Comment by Evelynmarieg on March 25, 2009 at 4:21pm
Hi Tonya! When can we sign up your non-profit? I am meeting with one tomorrow and signed up one 2 weeks ago.
Comment by hOw Global on March 20, 2009 at 8:08am
What an outstanding , women i have now as friend! I am the luckiest men on earth to work hand in hand with you - for the same reason.

Love always,
Comment by Rachel on March 3, 2009 at 9:38am
Hi tonya , I really Iove your page and your cause! :)God Bless you & Very nice to meet you.Rachel
Comment by itsangel on January 18, 2009 at 5:18am
Tonya, Thank you for your comment. I just reread my post, I can't believe the typos! You may use whatever you wish in your meeting. And may God bless the work you are doing.
Comment by itsangel on January 17, 2009 at 8:30am
let me add, that your story is a powerful one but an everyday one, and to many people don't get help from neighbors or organzation will send you all over town to get 20 here and 20 dllars there, What if you don't have trans? You have been there so you know the panic, and helplessness in not providing a basic need for your little ones. And yes, they will only remember the good. We were very poor for a while when my kids were growingup, and they tellme know, they didn't know how bad off we were because their dad and I always made a game like we wanted to camp out in the living room when the lights were out,, Kid are resilent.
Comment by itsangel on January 17, 2009 at 8:26am
This is a good program, also for the working poor. You would be surprised at how many people are employed need help. I think this is a great thing Tonya, keep up the good work.
Comment by Tonya Ward on November 2, 2008 at 3:05am

Comment by Lisa Lisa on October 16, 2008 at 11:07am
Bless you!!! Tonya God will open many doors for you and others with your work. You have a gift ... Let It Shine!! As for you Carolyn you're an Angel as well. Go tells us that when we help others he will reward us. May the grace of the Lord fall upon you and Tonya daily.
Comment by Carolyn on October 15, 2008 at 6:50am
How can I help?

And your story, made me love you even more:)
Children will remember our strength more then they remember our struggles if we do it right, that is what I pray for my kids and yours:)
Let me know what all I can do. I Love what you have created. A few months ago, my sister in law meet a homeless women and her 2 children after a few days my sister in law was done, so I tried to help. I allowed her to stay and he babies, which were really young. I called shelter after shelter, it made me cry when I seen how little help was out there. The women ended up not even wanting to help herself our her kids. I was taking care of them while she slept. So I did find a church to give her a voucher, located her momma and sent her to her daughter. She said her mother wouldn't help, but I just didn't see a momma letting a child and her grandbabies go without a home. And she didn't she took her daughter home. but anyways the point of my story is that I would so love to help with anything like this. I have even thought of starting something for homeless and in need families. But I haven't a clue how to do it?

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