Drink Pink and Chill Out on Friday #tmwc

I love the bottle for this month's #tmwc wine tasting – the Leverano Rosato is one of my summer favorites. It's glorious hue may remind you of white zin, but don't even think about them in the same sentence. This dry rose (rhymes with chardonnay but I can't find that accent mark on the keyboard) is crisp, a little acidic and absolutely refreshing. Drink it chilled like you would a white wine.

The wine gets it's color from red-skinned grapes. When the grapes are crushed the skins stay in contact with the juice for two or three days and then are filtered out. (Whey they make red wine the skins are left in throughout the fermentation process.) So this way you just get a hint of color which turns the wine pink.

But enough of that. No heavy wine talk in the summer. Now is the time for simplicity. So for my pairing suggestions I made easy a priority. Just throw these together in the kitchen and head to your keyboard. Less cooking. More tweeting.

You'll notice a lot of ham and bacon in these ideas because the acidity in the wine gives it a strong affinity for the salty/smoky flavors. But who am I kidding? Bacon pretty much just makes everything better.

Super Easy Idea #1
Slice a skinny baguette. Spread on a thin layer of butter. Top with a savory slice of prosciutto. Ta Da.

Super Easy Idea #2
Bacon cheeseburger. I kid you not. See how easy and friendly this wine can be?

Super Easy Idea #3
Quiche. (No you don't have to make it. Just get the ones in the frozen section of the supermarket. If they have one with bacon in it that's even better.) A frittata or eggs benedict would be a variation on this theme.

Super Easy Idea #4
BLT sandwich. To me, big ripe heirloom tomatoes from the roadside stand or farmers market define the taste of summer. Get some good sourdough or crusty artisan bread for this one.

By the way, if you decide after this tasting you like rose, here's a neat idea that you might consider. A good friend of mine (a breast cancer survivor) was doing some fund raising for the cure and threw a Think Pink wine tasting. We started with a sparkling rose and tasted a number of other dry roses. The distributor who ran the tasting agreed to donate a percentage of every bottle purchased. It was a big hit.

Hope to see you on Twitter Friday at #tmwc.


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Comment by Laura Zavelson on July 30, 2009 at 5:59am
Hi - At one point Whole Foods carried it but I'm not sure how tied to local distributors they are. I got mine at a food specialty store here (NC) for about $7 a bottle. I would recommend calling ahead. If you can't find it, I would recommend two other roses that are worth a try. Chateau St. Michelle (Washington State) makes a good one that I've been able to find at the grocery. Another is Ferme Julien which you can find at Trader Joes. Another good one that should be at any big grocery chain is Red Bicyclette (France). Good luck!
Comment by Colleen Jamison on July 29, 2009 at 8:52pm
Everything sounds delicious! Where did you buy the wine? I'm in Chicagoland and was wondering if you know of any national grocery chains I might be able to pick it up or maybe a Binny's?




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