I have been so neglectful! Sorry about that. It is the story of *Be careful what you wish for*. I have always wanted to get a good blogging job and an agent and start publishing books. Well, check, check, check! It is so nice to not have to slog through freelance writing jobs, but it IS a lot of work. Less sleep and more writing.

I am so busy keeping up with everything(happily) that I haven't been keeping up with the fun stuff too.
It is a 60 degree day here in Nebraska. Hard to believe that it was 20 below, less than two weeks ago. I am feeling like we are on a weather rollercoaster-geez. Spring would be nice, but that means a lot more to do outside, and I am not sure how I would fit it in.

Superbowl Sunday is going to be lots of fun here. I got all sorts of yummie things to make, for everyone. The kids cruise through and grab some snacks, but my husband and mother will be watching. I can't imagine spending that much time just sitting still, for heaven's sakes, so I will be puttering in the kitchen and keeping the Blackberry close by to see what you are all up to.

Drop me a note if you want to chat!

Bye, Ladies!!


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