Most people love to read all year round. However, there is something unique and special about summer reading. Is it relaxing on your porch with a fresh cup of lemonade and letting the summer breeze blow throw your face and hair. While your books take you for a ride! Nevertheless, it depends on what book your reading. Let me help recommend some Best Selling Page Turners released during the summer if you are looking for some good page-turners!

The Last Summer of the Camperdowns - by Elizabeth Kelly, This great page-turner was released in April 7. A 12 yr. old witness a mysterious murder close by her home. She feels she is cornered, by not telling anyone what she witnessed including her parents. In spite of this all, well-known family also has secrets that could possible destroy the Camperdowns. She soon discovers that by withholding what she saw is causing more conflicts as the summer unwinds.

The Light in the Ruins - by Chris Bohjalian, This NY Times Bestseller was released on April 22 This bestseller is about an Italian family in the 1943's who lived during the time of war against Europe. Through faith, the Italian family trusted that their authority would keep them safe during this crisis. Suddenly when two strange me pays them a visit requesting access to an historical burial site. The family becomes doubtful and loose hope and faith.

Ordinary Grace - by William Kent Krueger released March 4 Living in Bremen Minnesota a 13-year-old teenager experiences drama, when trouble comes as a threat to Frank and his family. Suddenly being put smack dead in the middle of dishonesty and nothing but drama, he feels he has nowhere to turn.

Life after Life - by Kate Atkinson In 1910, Ursula is born to a wealthy couple, sadly and unexpectedly she passes away at birth. Leaving her parents mourning. Not giving her a chance to grow into a beautiful woman.

From a large variety of bestselling page turning books you cannot go wrong. I myself love to read but they must be page-turners or something to my interest or niche. It is a win win situation. Sit on your patio or porch or even a nice rocking chair with and grab a fresh cup of lemonade or a cup of coffee. Nothing like relaxing and reading a good book. You are up for a rude awakening! Enjoy!

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Comment by Myai Brown on July 31, 2014 at 11:05am

Yes so true thank you for your reply enjoy your day:)

Comment by Kimmy Burgess on July 30, 2014 at 11:55pm

It's always said that books are the best friends. Either it's elders or the kids, it is one of the best habits to read a book. Specially in the month of summer with lemonade on other hand. It helps you enhance your skills and knowledge. As per children are concerned  They should also be given a habit to read. Check here for more to know the lists of books they can read for making them aware of the importance of money. Check it out. It's helpful.




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