love is the basic foundation of a relation that exist between a man and woman.yet,to keep this relationship successful one needs to reflect on its  various aspects and gain insights to the nature of its two participants.
women do want to date ,marry and be with a better version of themselves and be impressed by the qualities of their partner,but men don't.
when a man comes back from work he wants positive,soft,enthusiastic,supportive,happy energy .that's not what they get at work,not what they get from their guy-friends as want to feel good around the woman,to feel attractive and interesting for her.they want a "Yes"-woman.
A "Yes"-woman:
  • She puts her life partner first
  • She is easy going about the small stuff,like:"shall we go to a movie?"-"sure","shall we rather stay home tonight?"-and again she goes"sure".when the little stuff becomes a constant negotiation,this is what wears  men  down to the point that they say:"is it worth it?it is no fun."when there is no "NO",how delightful life is together with such a woman.again,imagine your life partner is that way with you...
  • She is a giver.she knows when to make a compromise/and it is time to make a compromise like almost constantly,-)))/but if he makes an inappropriate remark in front of her mother,or unsuccessful choice of restaurant for their Saturday night,or he forgets her birthday,...etcetera...she does not go mad,she forgives and she gives him a further chance to be her best choice of a man.and she remains his best fan.when a man is around a woman that is such a giver,it makes him want to give as well.a reasonable guy will say to himself:"I have never had it so good.what an idiot would i be to walk away from it."
  • She lets the man be himself,she does not police him for the things that he thinks.She makes no attempts to make him think the way that simply suits her better.
  • She puts his consistency and kindness above his wealth.his character above his charisma.
  • She focuses on the things that determine a healthy,long term relationship,like laughter,trust,generosity,value,compatibility.

And if he wants to go to a bachelor's party tonight rather than try her  home made dinner-she says:"Yes"
And if he wants to talk to attractive women while at the party with her-she says:"Yes"/she knows whom he loves/
And if he wants to keep nude pictures of his ex under the bed-she says:"Yes"/above all it is only pictures,-)))
And if he wants to go away with the guys rather than to a concert with her-she says:"Yes"/there is always going to be another opportunity/
And if he doesn't appreciate how great a "Yes" woman is with her emotional maturity and emotional generosity-that is when he loses.
The power of the "Yes"-woman lies in walking away from a relationship that doesn't give her what she needs.
May be not every man is evolved enough to appreciate a woman like that,but the one that is,will be highly interested to keep her and the,for us, women in love,is there a greater way to be effective than to be a "Yes"-woman to the man we adore?

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Comment by Sandy Hackenmueller on April 11, 2011 at 11:40am

Well-written piece! Being a "yes" woman is powerful...although a fine line for some women between being a strong "yes woman" to being a doormat.


I agree that it is most empowering to your man to support him, say "yes" and not be a nag. Best decision I ever made entering in our marriage.

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