Came across great Information at the Aetna website for a Healthy Food Fight Campaign and recipe contest you won't want to miss. Bobby Flay and other celebrities are supporting the cause as well in addition to the culinary institute.. Amazing prizes and trips to be won. It's very simple to enter and only takes a few  minutes. Participate and help AETNA encourage the world to adopt healthy food habits for families everywhere. There are three ways to win.In reality though healthy food is a winner for everyone.

Check it out:

Here's how the contest works

Submit your Healthy Entree Recipe.

  1. Start with one of your own great healthy recipes.
  2. Select the region in which you want to compete.
  3. Register for the contest, and enter your recipe into our Healthy Recipe Analyzer to determine if it meets the nutritional requirements to be included in the voting for the semi-final cook-off. If your recipe receives a score of C+ or higher, it will be officially entered.
  4. Then spread the word to get your friends and fans to come vote
    for your recipe when voting begins. Up to 48 people with the
    highest-rated recipes will qualify to compete in person.

By the way, the three top qualifiers from each region
will travel to their Semi-Final recipe cook-offs, via
Travel Certificates donated by American Airlines®* and
accommodations donated by Hyatt Hotels & Resorts.

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