a poem I wrote about my little brother who passed away 20 years ago at the age 24

He spreads his wings

He spreads his wings and takes off in flight through the valleys,

The trees down the river beds he glides.

Through the mountains tops he soars so high.

So high through the clouds he weaves in and out shadowing sunset before he goes.

He leaves his love as he fly’s on by spreading his love begging please don’t cry.

He catches the wind and up he goes, he soars above this earth so high,

Like and eagle he flew with wings spread wide through heavens gates.

He dances with angels and sings gods praise.

He protects us all in many ways

We think of him and kneel to pray.

Our hearts were crushed for a love that was lost

The loss of you our hearts won’t mend.

Though there is that day we will meet again,

Our one last thought to keep holding on.

For now we say happy birthday dear Bob

Our Son

Our brother

Our dear friend.

By Laura Elizabeth

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