Parents, we can give a priceless gift to our children.  We can teach our children to read.  For too long we have depended on the school system to teach the basic skill, and the results are distressing.  Data from the National Assessment of Educational Progress states that approximately 70% of all eighth graders read below grade level.  Yet, success in school and in future life is directly related to a person's ability to read well. As parents, we have little power to affect significant change in our schools, but we can make a huge difference for at least one child, our child.

     The first step to reading is learning the most common sound of each lowercase letter.  Check out our website, and our blog at www.playingtoread/blog/ both offering suggestions and activities that make teaching these sounds as easy as teaching your child to talk.

Click on the following link to see Aubrey, age 2, playing with sounds. Notice how proud she is.

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