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Is Your Child a Prodigy?

I recently watched the film Catfish, a documentary that involves the discovery of an 8-year old art prodigy. It got me thinking: how do you know if your child is a prodigy? I guess if a kid is teaching themselves minuets in 30 minutes like Mozart did, it’s pretty clear. But most of the time, navigating the line between a work-of-art and work-of-fun is probably much fuzzier.

A child…


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7 Ways to Feel Spring (even if you're STILL wearing your winter coat)

I’m so tired of saying, “where’s Spring?!” If, unlike me, you live in an eternally spring-like place, please know that snow and 35 degree weather at the end of March feels as welcome as an unruly dinner guest.  

To kick the winter blues and trick myself into a Spring state of mind, I gathered a list of Spring-inspired culture that makes me happy to look at and listen to. I’m also presenting this list to Spring in the hope that I can rouse it by showing it just how…


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Use Mom Intuition to Win Your Oscar Pool

Unless you’ve been traveling to the nether-regions of the planet where your phone is useful only as a nutcracker, you know that the Oscars are coming this Sunday, February 27. While the actors are busy figuring out how to strategically tape their dresses, you might be focused on more practical matters like winning your office/neighborhood Oscar pool.

To choose your picks, one option is to listen to the experts. They’ve narrowed…


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It's Art! It's a Tote! It's Poketo!

I don’t often tout consumerism, but when the intersection of art and function becomes this affordable, I feel like I need to share.

Poketo is a company that has, since 2003, taken the work of artists and applied it to totes, umbrellas, key rings, wallets, camera cases and more. The cool silhouettes combined with the eclectic art make for a stylish, yet practical, way to move books, lunchboxes and your own stash of necessities… Continue

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Ode to Mac n Cheese! From Slam to Haiku, Poetry in Many Forms

The Olympics of spoken-word art - the National Poetry Slam - is finishing up on Saturday August 7, but I'm just starting to get inspired!

First, if you don’t know what Slam Poetry is, here’s an explanation from the National Poetry Slam’s website:

Poetry Slam is competitive spoken word performance poetry.

It puts a dual emphasis on both writing and performance.

Though rules vary from slam to slam, the basic rules…

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Where Arts and Sports Collide: Getting your culture fix with your touchdown

Next time you head to a baseball or football game, see if your stadium has public art. Not the life-size bronze statue-of-sports-hero kind of art -- that’s for the birds (seriously, they love perching on those things!) I’m talking about fine art commissioned specifically for that stadium. It’s a new trend happening at major sports stadiums around the country and this could not be better news for both sports enthusiasts and art-lovers.

Take the Dallas Cowboys stadium, for instance.… Continue

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Original American Idols: the songwriters who shaped our nation

Summer has to be the most patriotic of all seasons. Contributing factors?

  • The nation-oriented summer holidays, Memorial Day and Independence Day
  • Grilling out and baseball, some favorite American past times
  • That cake you can make out summer berries and whipped cream that looks like the American flag
I guess it’s all the summer-like weather I’ve been enjoying that has prompted me to sing patriotic songs to my kids like… Continue

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A Crash? A Fiery Explosion? It must be May.

May brings flowers, longer days, the start of summer and that yearly ritual of television season finales. And with season finales come cliffhangers - but when did cliffhanger come to mean “violent ending?”

Even docile shows seem to turn to explosions, murder and hostage situations. Do drama shows feel like the only way I’ll tune in next season is if I’m not sure if one of the characters will make it out of the burning building alive? Showrunners, hear this: I’m already hooked and I… Continue

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Mother's Day Special: Best/worst Moms from Pop to High Culture, Plus Take the Quiz to Find Out What TV Mom You Are!

I just took the Parents.com “Which TV Mom Are You?” quiz and I am Shirley Partridge! I don’t know how fond I am of ruffled shirts, but otherwise their description of a “Shirley Partridge mom” seems to fit me scarily well.

From tv moms to songs about moms - with Mother’s Day coming right up, I thought it would be fun to see how moms are depicted in various forms of art.

By the way, if you want to see where you rank on the scale of moms from Peg Bundy of “Married...with… Continue

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Are you a keeper, a trasher or a displayer?

A couple of things have popped up in the past few months that are making me seriously think about my children’s art...and whether or not I'm doing the right things with it!

First, someone asked me to help curate their gallery opening and a portion of it is focused on the art of very young children. It’s a great idea on so many levels and I love that kid art will live alongside the work of accomplished artists.

Second, one of the artists I interviewed for Mom Culture a few… Continue

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Your Spring Soundtrack

It’s Spring, it’s Passover, it’s Easter -- it’s a time of renewal! It’s a time to shed the tired, heavy layers of winter and get back outside to reconnect with nature and neighbors.

Certain things in life deserve a soundtrack. Here you’ll find a playlist that reflects the spirit and energy of this lovely time of the year. Share your favorites for Spring!

“Feelin’ Free” - Michael Franti

“Walking on Sunshine” - Katrina & the Waves

“Lucky” (feat.… Continue

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Gray Matter - Aquaint Yourself with an American Treasure

In American literature, there are some stand out storytellers: Mark Twain, Garrison Keillor and Spalding Gray are true American treasures. I’ve had the great fortune of seeing Keillor and Gray live and I truly hung on their every word.

Gray was a highly important artist - a writer, performer and actor with a totally unique perspective and style. I was recently reminded just how funny - and dark - Spalding Gray was when I saw a performance the other night of “Stories Left… Continue

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Reality Shows: Enjoy the Pleasure,Drop the Guilt

Sometimes, after I’ve just watched a reality show, I have that momentary guilt-laden reaction that in my head sounds something like: “there goes an hour of my life that I’ll never get back....” And then, just like a cloud, it passes and I remember that I love culture of all kinds, pop included. I proudly embrace my pop culture junkie-ness!

In the next few weeks, some reality shows start their new season and I’m pretty psyched about it. The best thing about reality tv is that you… Continue

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Never Give Up! Passions Pay Off, as they did with this artist...

Most art inspires...it’s just the nature of something that can touch us on so many levels. But there’s one artist whose story is especially captivating for its lesson of staying with your passion.

Carmen Herrera has been doing what she loves --… Continue

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104 Million Reasons to be an Art Nurturer

Last week in the art world, “L’Homme Qui Marche” (Walking Man I) a sculpture by Alberto Giacometti, became the most expensive piece of art ever sold at auction. It went for $104.3 million.

Were she still living, his mom would have been proud. We moms take pride in most… Continue

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The Coolest Lullaby...it's not what you think

My 22 month old has been going to bed so peacefully this week. Thanks, Wyclef Jean.

Play this video to hear the song (it’s not really a video, just a still with the song over it so you can actually read while listening.)

During the Hope for Haiti Now telethon, Wyclef Jean’s powerful rendition of “Rivers of Babylon” reminded me how much I love this song. It has a beautiful message -- my take on it is that it says “allow yourself to be who you are… Continue

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Stressed? Arts are your Remedy!

Lately, we’ve been seeing unfathomable tragedy unfold as we ache for the people of Haiti. Even when the tragic thing is not happening directly to us, it can feel stressful.

I lived in New York for many years (including 2001) and after 9/11 I turned to art - as I’ve done many times in my life - to heal and find some grounding. Art has long been a healer and studies prove its power.

One study shows that art actually releases endorphins, the body’s own “relaxer” or mood… Continue

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Why Moms Need to See Crazy Heart

Crazy Heart is a film not to be missed. Depending on where you live, Crazy Heart has either opened in the past few weeks or will be opening in the next several weeks. (Here’s a roll out schedule I was invited to screen it recently because I’ll be interviewing the writer/director Scott Cooper for Mom Culture. While I knew I was in for a great film, I was surprised at how deeply I connected to it as a… Continue

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Unfriend? Not in my Culture!

Urban legend has it that there are nearly 100 words for “snow” in Eskimo languages. True or not, our words say a lot about our culture. That’s why I find it pretty sad that New Oxford American Dictionary (NOAD) named “unfriend” its 2009 Word of the Year.

Really, NOAD? As if 2009 didn’t come with enough challenges, now the word that holds the most significance is one that means we’re losing friends? And just when we need them most! This raises some issues.

For one… Continue

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Expired Milk Made Me Appreciate an Artist Even More

Sometimes life moves too fast and you get these wake up calls when something happens that is totally out of the realm of normal. For me, this happened this past week when I realized I was giving my 3 1/2 year old son expired milk -- for a whole day. (insert gag here) I was wondering why he wanted so much water that day....

The day after the sour-milk day, I proceeded to give him the milk again, completely oblivious to the fact that the milk was bad because I was using a sippy cup and… Continue

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