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New Mom's Guide to Crib Mattresses is now available download!

Finally the long awaited New Mom's Guide to Crib Mattresses by Naturepedic is now available for free download

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Check out Safer Chemicals Healthy Families’ New Video – By Moms, For Moms

Safer Chemicals Healthy Families, an organization dedicated to ensuring new safety standards for chemicals are established and met, has released a video made by Moms, for Moms to help educate families and organizations on the dangers of toxic chemicals. It’s called Moms Take Action Against Toxic Chemicals, and is available by following the…


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Mom is Baby’s First House. Is Your Body Kid-Safe?

Couples hoping to start a family or have a new baby often start planning well into the future. Moving into a new place that has room for the baby, is in a safe, family environment, decor, clothing, even what school the kids will go to are sometimes decided years in advance. Prospective parents who are in-the-know would also be searching for the best organic crib mattress and other non-toxic…


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How the Chemicals in Your Life Are Affecting Your Unborn Children

If you've been reading our blog, or keeping up with news items (including a piece on 60 Minutes that aired just a week ago), you will know that many of the items in our everyday lives contain potentially harmful chemicals. This is even more of a problem for kids than adults, because kids' bodies are still developing. But the problem starts long before the kids are born. In fact, it's immediately after conception. Check out this resource that shows you exactly when and in what part of the body… Continue

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Could Your Baby Crib Mattress Cause Your Child to be Obese?

Chubby little kids used to be just that – chubby little kids. Big deal. But research in recent years has shown that childhood obesity can lead to serious health problems. The common solution is to try to get the kids to eat less and play more – which, in many cases, simply doesn’t work. Is there hope on the horizon? Yes. A new study has discovered a link between obesity and phthalates – the chemicals used to make children’s toys, personal care products, the PVC vinyl used as waterproof… Continue

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Study Links Pesticides to ADHD – Are They in Your Child’s Crib Mattress?

Yet another study has linked ADHD to chemicals – this time it’s the group of pesticides known as organophosphates. Organophosphates are commonly used on cotton crops, which is why we use only organic cotton in our baby crib mattresses.

The list of symptoms now labeled ‘ADHD’ – forgetfulness, difficulty focusing or concentrating, inattention, impulsivity,… Continue

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What You Really Need to Know About “Safe” Crib Mattresses

I was recently checking the customer reviews of crib mattresses – the traditional varieties made with polyurethane foam, fire retardants, PVC/vinyl with phthalates, just to mention a few of the chemical components – and found that many of the reviewers said they know their baby is safe with the crib mattress they chose because it fits snugly in their crib (which means no tiny fingers can get stuck in… Continue

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President’s Cancer Panel Warns Against Toxic Chemicals in Everyday Life

The President’s Cancer Panel released their annual report last Thursday. I can’t begin to tell you what a breakthrough it is to have this icon of the medical establishment acknowledge the role chemicals play in our health. Cancer is not the only consequence of chemical exposure but, of course, it is the focus of the report.

Did you know that 41% of Americans will be diagnosed with cancer at some time in their lives? Scary, but those are the statistics. The President’s Cancer Panel… Continue

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This Earth Day Celebrates a Major Accomplishment

Earth Day was officially on 22 April, but in many communities and countries around the world it’s celebrated for the entire week or month. Earth Day was founded 40 years ago by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin. His goal was to create a grassroots movement that would show the government just how concerned Americans were about the environment and get laws enacted that would enforce protection of the earth and its inhabitants – us.

By the end of that year, in December 1970, the… Continue

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How Many Coils Does a Baby Crib Mattress Need?

Based on some of the blogs and forums I’ve read, there seems to be a lot of confusion about the number of coils needed in the innerspring of a crib mattress. Some say more coils means more support, others say too many coils make a crib mattress too hard and uncomfortable. How are parents supposed to decide what’s best?

Although… Continue

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GREENGUARD and Healthy Child Healthy World Partner Up – A Powerful Force for Healthy Children, and Healthy Living

Our children are under chemical siege right from the time they’re born. Chemical fumes from their crib mattress, their toys, their clothes, the carpet in their nursery, plastic baby bottles, the rest of the air in the house, the outdoor air – they’re surrounded. Time to call the Cavalry!

Two of the most powerful organizations dedicated to reversing this trend,… Continue

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Phthalates Affects Hormonal Development in Little Girls and Increases Risk of Health Problems Later in Life

If we could sum up what we want for our kids in two words, ‘happy’ and ‘healthy’ would probably be the winners. Raising children who are happy and healthy as they grow and when they become adults is no small feat! However, it is becoming more and more obvious that many chemicals we use every single day can thwart those goals. Check out the latest study on the effects of phthalates, phenols and phytoestrogens on little…


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Keeping Your Baby Safe at Bath Time

Having your baby sleep on a Naturepedic baby crib mattress prevents exposure to many harmful chemicals, but exposure doesn’t end there. Check out this information on bath and personal care products.


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New Safe Chemicals Act Shifts Accountability and Burden of Proof to Industry

Many people have complained about needing a degree in chemistry to understand which products are safe and which are not. New Safe Chemicals Act may enable the protection we need.


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How Firm is Firm Enough for a Baby Crib Mattress?

I’ve seen several blogs and forums where people talk and ask questions about how firm a crib mattress should be. One person said “If it feels good to me, it’s okay for my baby.” Is that a good rule of thumb?

Find out...

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More Mainstream Media Coverage Brings the Dangers of Toxics to the Forefront

The truth about the effects of toxic chemicals in our everyday lives is getting more mainstream media attention now than ever. Just last week, Time magazine published a list of ten common household toxins that ‘mounting evidence’ shows may be linked to health problems.

Here’s the list, along with where these chemicals are commonly found:

1. Bisphenol A (BPA) – food wrap, water bottles and other plastics

2. Oxybenzone – moisturizers,…


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287 Chemicals Found in Umbilical Cords of Newborns

With all the recent news and studies about phthalates, and the attention given to them by the EPA and FDA, we can sometimes forget that phthalates are just one type of dangerous chemical to which we’re exposed. In fact, we’re exposed to thousands of potentially harmful chemicals every day – and hundreds are showing up in newborns.

Hundreds? That’s right. A study conducted by the Environmental Working Group tested umbilical cord blood samples from newborns and found 287…


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Finding Non-Toxic Cribs for Your Organic Crib Mattress

Getting an organic crib mattress is easy – just call up Naturepedic and it will be at your doorstep before you can say “where’s my stuff?” But getting a non-toxic crib is another matter. What is a parent to do?

A recent discussion on Debra Lynn Dadd’s (aka the Queen of Green) Green Living Q & A blog highlights the problems involved in finding a truly non-toxic crib. One reader even said they bought a crib that was allegedly non-toxic only to find out later that the…


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Naturepedic Crib Mattresses are Parent Tested Parent Approved


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Does Your Baby Mattress Label Say 'Green' or 'Eco'? Do You Know What That Really Means?

So many products with 'green', 'natural' or 'eco' labels are made with toxic or hazardous materials that it's hard to tell what you're really buying. Labeling laws and practices make it even more difficult ...

Read more:

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