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Since when did 31 equal OLD? Medications, Doctors, Stress Tests, X-rays... you've got to be kidding me!

Since I have turned thirty I have had a HUGE decline in my health. I haven't really changed much from how I was eating or moving in my twenties. I've always had to watch what I eat because I am not blessed with the genes of a toothpick. I've always tried to stay active because my family heart history stinks to high heaven. Don't get me wrong, I have never been a health nut, but I have tried to be responsible. So, with that being said, I do not think it is fair that I am falling apart at the… Continue

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It's not my fault, so why do I feel guilty?

This morning one of my mom's, MC, was really late arriving. I have a please call if you are going to be late policy so I don't waste money on breakfast food. She is usually pretty great about calling or texting me when she's not coming. I knew something was wrong, so I decided to text her.

"R u ok?" I got my answer pretty quickly, so I new she wasn't driving. Oprah would be happy! "No, dead battery!" Oh no! I felt so bad for her. This family is already pretty tight on cash, this is… Continue

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The BAD Playdate leads to a fresh idea!

A few days after the BAD play date, my friend had our own little play date at my house. MUCH BETTER! As soon as she arrived, she apologized for the way that the four year old acted. Then, she apologized for how poorly the mothers there that day had handled their children. I told her, of course, it wasn't her fault and that she can't control the actions of others. I wanted her to know that the actions of those folks in no way changed my respect and love for her. I just wasn't interested in… Continue

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The BAD play date!

About a month ago, a friend invited me to come to her house

for a play date. She is a part of a mommy group here in our area. She really

wanted me to meet the ladies and see if it was something I wanted to join. I was excited, because I do daycare out of my home and MOST mommy groups I have looked into only allow you to bring your own children. So, this…

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