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Keep Up With The Other Yogis And Yoginis In Your Yoga Classes

Yoga uses natural resistance to work the body. …


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Today is the day to begin taking great care of you! While you're out there showing love and generosity toward the world, be sure you include yourself. That's where I come in for lots of my readers. I remind all of you to take care of…


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WTH, ABC Family??!!


When ABC Family shows a weight loss ad during a KIDS' movie of all things, well, my mama feathers get a little more than ruffled.  Click over to my blog to read about it:



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My life has changed so much!

My life has changed so much since I first joined Social Moms! I lost 26 lbs on a great product called ACE (Appetite Control and Energy.) I joined the company in February 2012 and have been promoted 5 times to Gold Director (working on Platinum!!) We added 4 new members to our family with 3 foster boys in December 2012 and then a biological baby in June of this year.  I am truly blessed and glad I stumbled on my old blog :) Time to get writing again. 

Check me out at: …


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Staying Fit At Age 56 And Counting

Recently I had a lady write to me and ask if I looked good in person.  This was not a terribly unusual question as I have been teaching and coaching from online websites since April 2008 and to be honest I have gotten…


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Steps To Effortless Weight Loss

Steps To Effortless Weight Loss

3 Steps to Effortless Weight Loss

1.Beat Cravings
2.Waste = Weight
3.Stress Management

Many people eat relatively well and exercise religiously – they have tried numerous diet programs but they either don’t work at all, or once…


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I Got My Sexy Back in 6 Weeks and you can too!

This is me... in just 6 short weeks, I dropped over 30lbs and went from a size 18====>>> to a size 10.  You can too!…


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Fitness Friday: Does the Beyonce GQ Cover Make Real Moms Feel Fat?

Here's my take on how celebrity moms, like Beyonce, make real moms feel post-pregnancy when they show dramatic weight loss:…


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Eating Recovery Center Warns New Year’s Resolutions to Lose Weight Can Lead to Disordered Eating

Internationally Recognized Treatment Center Encourages Americans to Shift the Focus of Their Resolutions from “Looking Better” to “Feeling Better”

Americans’ top 2013 New Year’s resolution is to become more physically fit and the fourth most popular resolution is to lose weight, according to a recent survey published by Franklin Covey. Because dieting and over-exercise are two activities that commonly contribute to the development of eating disorders, Eating Recovery…


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Lose Weight - Get Paid

Get Paid to Lose Weight…

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Get PAID to help PEOPLE Lose FAT!

Hey Friend,

Yes, it is actually True...

       ...and even easier than you might think

Come watch my short video and decide for yourself.

If you can't do this, you might need to check your pulse.



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Does your life seem to be passing you by?

Attention Ladies:

Have you been looking for a REAL work from home opportunity? That you can work from home For REAL. You MUST listen to the call that we had last night. Skinny Body Care is TRULY changing lives. One lady has lost 50 lbs since starting Skinny Fiber and she is getting PAID every time she refers the product to others. Listen to my…


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How To Successfully Lose Weight Fast

Yes You Can Successfully Lose Weight Fast And Easily!

The # 1 New Year Resolution is to lose weight!  Wonder why?  I believe it is because most "diet plans/programs" are complicated, boring, expensive and not easy to follow day in and day out!  Wouldn't it be absolutely divine if there was something that…


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Two Moves To Tone Butt

Try Two ~ To Tone Your Booty

Check out two of my favorite "Baby Weight" moves that focus on challenging your glutes to help tone and tighten your backside.

Hip Bridge & Bulgarian Split Squat

Oh and "Baby weight"meaning you COULD do these as body weight moves - make the most…


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JavaFit Gourmet Coffee! Healthy, Delicious, Helps With Weight Loss


JavaFit Coffee – 100% Pure Gourmet Arabica

JavaFit Introduction - Click to Listen



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Do You Impulse Buy? How Do You Feel?

Have You Had Any Regrets Or Are You Usually Content With Your Purchase(s)?

You Probably Have One That Really Stands Out, Don't You? …


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I'll be in my Skinny Jeans by the Holidays... How About YOU?

Let's face it. Skinny Jeans are hot right now and everyone wants

to wear them. To say the least, we all want to just look good and fit into our

clothes comfortably, whether it's Skinny Jeans, dress attire, or even in our


Did you know that…


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Yoplait Light Swap

I was recently given information regarding a great  health initiative by Yoplait. Please see below:


Yoplait Light Joins Forces with Alison Sweeney and Jeannie Mai

to Launch Yoplait® Light “Swap” Campaign

Program Encourages Women to Swap One Thing a Day for

One of the 33 Delicious Flavors…


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"Falling Back" into Healty Eating and Exericse Habits!

It's been an amazing summer, filled with fun, friends and GREAT eats! But school's back in session, we're back at our jobs and as we "Fall Back" into our routines, many of us (myself included) find ourselves with a "little more to love".


How would you like to get rid of those unwanted pounds, curb your sugar cravings, exhibit portion control and enter the holidays, starting with Halloween, with a leaner, detoxified, more metabolically…


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What’s Your Plan to Change Tomorrow?

People with goals succeed because they know where they are going. It’s as simple as that,”- Earl Nightingale

What are your goals? Do you have a plan in place for where you want to be in 3 months, 6 months, or 10 years from now? I have always been a goal setter, I had a goal for high school before I started my Freshmen year, as soon as I achieve one Goal I move on to the next. I always have something I am…


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