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The Night I Listened to My Mother and Put Tobasco On My Breasts

Okay, I admit it: I am a "parenting wimp." My little ones can whine for cookies before breakfast and get them. If my toddler pleas fervently enough, I'll hand him the phone to say "hi" to a business associate; and I've never "Ferberized" anyone.


I have two sons. The first one weaned himself at six months, going from breast to bottle without missing a beat. Naturally, I felt somewhat abandoned, but my family assured me that I was re-gaining independence.




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Biggest Mistake!

I've been writing about my adventures in weaning my almost two year old daughter from da Boob. It's her most favorite thing ever! She gets so excited when I whip that sucker out. She loves it so much that she will volunteer "more boo boo peess mama" (translation - more boob please mama) without any coaching from me. I started the process of weaning her about two weeks ago starting with the middle of the night feedings. Things were going pretty good. By the end of that first week I could say… Continue

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Hubby Dropped the Ball

When I started my journey to wean Izzy a week ago I was anticipating less sleep than I was getting. The first few days wasn't too bad. I was seeing progress so I was more than willing to go through the day more on the tired side as long as I kept seeing improvements. By the fifth night I the lack of sleep was getting to me. Even though Izzy was able to get some sleep I wasn't from spending most of my night in That Blasted Chair. I was irritated and some (okay most) of the frustration was… Continue

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Last night was the best one yet. I hope I don't jinx myself. We had the same bedtime routine, milk, snack, diaper change and a story before bedtime. She had a little bit of nursing and was out in about 10 minutes. The only time she woke up was for about 5 minutes around 11:45pm because she was cold. After a little bit of back rubbing and a warm blanket she was fast asleep until 4am.


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This past week I've been focused on one thing. No, that's not entirely accurate. My focus with Izzy has been on one thing. My goal is to wean her completely from nursing. She is turning two the second week of September and I would like for her to no longer be nursing for any amount of time by then. That might be an unreasonable deadline so at the very latest before we relocate to WA in October.…


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Step Back or Forward?

Last night was my fourth night at weaning Izzy from the middle of the night nursing. On the third night there was no crying or asking for the boob she just had a little trouble falling back to sleep. I was hoping, praying and crossing my fingers that last night would be at least the same or better. I was sadly mistaken. I recently put my foot down to wean Izzy by her second birthday which is less than a month away. The only times she nurses is before bed, before a nap and during the night. You… Continue

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Why I Breastfeed Uncovered

When I got pregnant with my first, Piper (now two) I knew I wanted to breastfeed. It wasn’t a matter of weighing the pros and cons of formula vs. breastfeeding, and it wasn’t a concious decision. My mother had always breastfed her children (eight in total) and I grew up without ever thinking about the action, it was natural and simply struck me as the way you feed your baby.
As my pregnancy progress I started actually noticing how people cared for their children. It was weird…

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I did it!


I'm so bliddy proud of myself!

Took the 'it's now or never attitude' towards it, nearly talked myself out of it a few times.

But essentially...

T spent the night in his own his own room...! Yay.

I did have a bit of a wobbly lip as I put him…


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Breast Is Best, But Not For Everyone

When I think of women and our relationship with each other it seems to be love/hate. In our competitive society it seems that woman longs for that friendship and understanding that only another woman can offer. Yet we give in to judgment of that same kin. This kind of relationship spreads beyond being a woman and translates into all female roles, including and especially motherhood. It seems that truly excepting another woman’s choices, though not in agreement with…

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Starting Solids the Baby-Led Way


So you want to know what all the fuss is about in Rapley's Baby-led…

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Witnessing Weaning

My son, who turns 3 in September, is weaning himself from breastfeeding.

I mean, technically, he’s been weaning himself since his first taste of rice cereal at 6 months. And I do mean “weaning himself.” I’ve followed his lead all along, and sure enough, he’d slowly drop a feeding at a time until he was down to nursing in the morning and before bedtime. I suppose this is called “baby-led weaning,” but for us, it’s just natural—no process or plan to speak of, just life.

It’s… Continue

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Life is Full of Weanings

We had a terrific group of moms at A Nurturing Moment yesterday for our Mommy Milk Meet-up. One mom was a little concerned because her one year old seemed to be loosing interest in day time nursings. This mom really hoped to nurse for a couple of years before allowing her baby to self-wean. Of course, bedtime nursings are a different story! Baby is still eager for that before bed cuddle time with… Continue

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