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Things I've Learned This Week

Here is another list I've put together of the discoveries I've made throughout the past week.  Included is the realization that it's all fun and games till you find the dog eating a blond wig in the family room.  Click over to my blog to read the full list: …


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Things I've Learned This Week

Here's another list of things I've discovered lately.  And this week includes the sad realization that sitting next to the fittest person at the pool is like driving a clunker next to a Ferrari.  Click over to my blog to read more: …


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The Breakfast Buzz Kills

Do you ever wanna just walk away from your kids in public and act like you don't know who the hell they are?  No?  Surely that's not just me.  Call me Mommy Dearest if you will, but when my kids have a brain fart and act like complete Neanderthals who've never heard of manners, I sometimes think it would be easier to point and stare and pretend like I'm disgusted by the horrible excuse…


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Stay Cool With Jockey Giveaway



With the high temperatures seemingly never-ending, it’s only a matter of time before we all lose our cool. One easy way to beat the heat? Wear Jockey® staycool!


Jockey staycool consists of innovative men’s and women’s underwear and undershirts that regulate skin temperature up to 3° to keep you feeling cool and comfortable. In fact, a whopping 93 percent of respondents from a recent Jockey poll* agree that wearing Jockey staycool…


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Things I've Learned This Week


** We actually made it to the beginning of the school year without my kids stabbing each other!!


** New backpacks make everything more exciting.


** My son can evidently make his leg fart.  (I'm so proud.)


** I can't even watch the previews for scary movies anymore.


** I'm raising the king and queen of…


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Commercial Picnic Tables for Parks & Public Outdoor Picnic Areas

Parknpool are the original online vendor of commercial outdoor furniture, which means you are buying from the most trusted and competent outdoor furniture supplier around! These time tested and proven picnic tables, park benches, pool furniture, umbrellas and other site amenities will be exactly what you need to create your perfect outdoor setting. … Continue

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For those of you looking to have a warmer, more environmentally friendly on

There's a contest going on right now at Swimtown Pools where they are giving away two solar pool heaters. Detail are on the home page. Just click the link above and you can't miss it.


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Beach Bags Sure To Please

When heading to the beach there is nothing better than a fab beach bag. A beach bag is… Continue

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Green Screen for Sun Fun

’Tis the season to slather on sunscreen, so make sure you’ve got the good stuff. My top picks in eco-friendly sunscreens are gentle enough for little ones and strong enough for the whole family, with a bushelful of organic and natural ingredients to boot.

The Environmental Working Group gives high marks to titanium-dioxide-based Sunny Days from kids’ natural-body-care-products-maker TruKid, and I do, too. Ranked among the top five sunscreens out… Continue

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