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Taxes and The White House Forum on Workplace Flexibility


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A Passover Perspective

Yesterday, I attended my son’s grade one school Passover Seder. For those of you who don’t know, a Seder is a Jewish ritual feast /meal that marks the beginning of Passover (our Easter, I

guess you could say). Of course I was proud. Of course we were all

there, with camera, and video camera, holding onto every word, every

song with bated…


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"Praise Song for the Day" Inaugural Poem: Poetry Lovers Speak!

At my spot, I wrote my take on the inaugural poem by Elizabeth Alexander, "Praise Song for the Day," and included excerpts from other critics. Why do you think this poem has been controversial, loved or despised.

I hope you'll join the discussion between poetry lovers, lovers of language, and other smart women… Continue

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Getting Political

I know that I don't usually blog about politics, but after the recent inauguration, I had a few things to say on the subject. I have to say I am a little disappointed that so much money was spent on the inauguration considering the state of our nation's economy. Seems to me that the taxpayer's money could have been spent in a better way. Obama had a lot of very rich supporters, maybe they should have contributed more money to pay for the big celebration.

My second gripe is the amount… Continue

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Obama to send letters to newborns!

Did you know you can get an official letter from the President of the United States after giving birth? Yeah, me neither. What better time to find out then when the 44th President of the United States take his seat in the oval office.

Obama & Baby

What a treasure it will be to have a personalized letter from this Historic President made out to your little one. You can count that this Family Man will honor this… Continue

Added by Stacy of KSW on January 21, 2009 at 3:50pm — 1 Comment

Count Me In As Another Mama For Obama!!

Whooo-hoooo! It’s official! The smartest, most dignified, gracious, calm, and classy (not to mention smokin’ hot) man American politics has ever seen is officially in power.

I was grateful to be able to watch the inauguration this morning at home with my two little guys by my side. Granted, they were playing blocks, but still, Hartley, who’s three, knows who Obama is and could feel the excitement generated by the TV coverage of the event. He picked up on one broadcaster’s comment… Continue

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What We Can Learn From President Obama and His Use of Social Media

In honor of Inauguration Day, I thought I would take a look at our new president and the amazing things he has done for, and with, social media. If you ever have doubt about its power, take a look at our new president -- it helped him get there. He's even been hailed as the "first social media president."

What can we learn from his brilliant use of Web 2.0?

1) Make it personal

Obama and his team created… Continue

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Witnessing Barack Obama's Inauguration With The Kids....

We’re not in the habit of plonking our kids down in front of the TV in the middle of the day, but tomorrow will be an obvious exception. Come 8 a.m. Pacific time, we’ll all be tuned in to CNN to watch the inauguration of Barack Obama.

I wonder if my three-and-a-half-year-old will have any recollection of this historic day. How to explain to someone his age the significance of the first African-American to hold the United States’ highest office? How could his little mind even begin to… Continue

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Just Launched!

Hello twittermoms, I just launched A website for All Michelle Obama's Fans
If you interested please feel free to join
registration is free!

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President Obama was here

Yall im so so excited. President Elect Obama has been listening to my radio shows. I am so blessed. I cant believe it. And our very first show was about the new first lady. Check out our magazine online and listen to our shows anytime they are archived.

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Election Day Twitter Challenge!

I just issued the first ever ELECTION DAY TWITTER CHALLENGE. I'm seeking folks that are on the fence about who to vote for, or even folks that think they may vote for McCain, but still have questions or are unsure. I'm sure I can convince you that Barack Obama is the right choice for America in 15 tweets or less.

Here are the rules:

Send me a DM on twitter ( and let me know you're in. I'll send you a tweet with some questions (my first… Continue

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