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What are You Feeding Your Kids?

Americans are failing to read food labels properly. Today I examined some popular "healthy" foods marketed to our children and revealed the truth about what is really in them. Visit this link and share if you want to know what American children are eating today.…


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Eating Fifty Percent Less Than You Normally Eat Makes Perfect Sense

This approach is by far the easiest, simplest and most convenient way to take…


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Steps To Effortless Weight Loss

Steps To Effortless Weight Loss

3 Steps to Effortless Weight Loss

1.Beat Cravings
2.Waste = Weight
3.Stress Management

Many people eat relatively well and exercise religiously – they have tried numerous diet programs but they either don’t work at all, or once…


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So,  few days ago I wrote about different reasons that may make it difficult to lose weight.  Some of these reasons being Sugar, white starch, stress, hormones, etc.  Well another thing that I think is a really important factor both in losing weight, and being healthy is toxins.  What exactly are toxins?  Toxins are basically anything that causes inflammation in our body.  Anything that our body finds foreign, and doesn’t know what to do with.  These cause our cells not to run efficiently,…


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Why I'm Glad the Twinkie is Toast

To all of you nostalgic saps who are mourning the potential death of the Twinkie, I offer the following quiz:

How many Twinkies have you actually consumed in the past month? (NOTE: You should not count this week when the world decided that Twinkies were edible again.)

  1. If your answer is more than 10: How old are you, and how high is your body mass index?
  2. If your answer is between one and nine: Really? You…

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Just Call me the Sugar Nazi

My daughter had a friend sleep over the other night. I'm not a big fan of sleepovers, so we don't do them very often. But this girl is one of my favorites of S's friends. We'll call her Peggy. She's a nice girl, low maintenance, no drama. It's hard to find those qualities in a 10-year-old girl nowadays.

Peggy brought a large bag of leftover Halloween candy with her. We were going to the movies, so her mom let her bring the candy to take with us. She also proceeded to eat a…


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Belly Up To The Juice Bar

Juicing is an excellent way of getting the required servings of vegetables into your diet.  There is a variety of vegetables you can use and an endless number of combinations of juice that everyone can find some that they like.  If you don't like to eat your veggies, juicing them is a good way to get the nutrients you need from them.  Juicing helps your body absorb the vitamins easily and faster than when you body naturally breaks your food down through chewing and digestion.  With juicing…


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How I Sabotaged My Kids Health

My 3 year old son is finally (almost) potty trained!

I know, not a big deal, right?

Wrong. This is a very big deal. It has been a journey getting to this point. A trying, stressful journey.

I knew my boy would potty train quickly once he was ready and able to grasp the concept. But this wasn't enough to satisfy Grandparents who felt I was neglecting…


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How do I get my child to eat food that is good for them?

Many people often ask "How do I get my child to eat food that is good for them?". Here are several ideas to make it easier.

1. Start when they are young! 

The earlier a child is exposed to a food, the easier it is to get them to eat it. Also, if they see you eating it, it becomes familiar to them. This also applies to unhealthy food. So, be mindful of what you are eating yourself, not just what you are feeding to your…


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Only 40 Calories?

As luck would have it, as a BzzAgent I signed up for a Nature's Own campaign and was chosen to participate. They sent over a coupon to try out a free loaf to see what our family thought about it.   What? Free food and it's something I have to buy for Izzy?!? Umm, yes I'll try it out. One of the breads they offer is a 40 calorie 9-Grain bread made with no artificial preservative, colors or flavors.… Continue

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Yoplait Light Swap

I was recently given information regarding a great  health initiative by Yoplait. Please see below:


Yoplait Light Joins Forces with Alison Sweeney and Jeannie Mai

to Launch Yoplait® Light “Swap” Campaign

Program Encourages Women to Swap One Thing a Day for

One of the 33 Delicious Flavors…


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Weight Watchers Vs. Visalus The Review

Visalus Sciences is helping countless individuals drop the pounds with the Body By Vi Challenge but how does it compare to Weight Watchers?


 This article will address the 5 reasons why Visalus Sciences Body By Vi is superior to Weight Watchers.

Before we continue you should know that the vi-shake is backed with medical and scientific research.  It also tastes like cake mix. Learn more and learn more about visalus at…


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Whats Your 90 Day Transformation Goal?


Whats Your 90 Day Transformation Goal?

For some its transforming your health, for others its a weight loss goal and increase your metabolism, and for others its to train for an athletic performance. Whatever your 90 day goal is........We have the…


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7 Tips to Gain Control of Emotional Eating

7 Tips to Gain Control of Emotional Eating
By Jandi Theis
I am an emotional eater. I’ve been aware of this for a very long time although, up until a few years ago, I hadn’t tried to change that. So why was I surprised this weekend when I caught myself searching the cupboards and fridge for some…

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