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Thoughtfulness Thursday: To Wives Before you Were Mommy

I have a love/hate relationship with blog posts that hit home. You know, the ones that really make you feel bad or guilty. Well, this is one of them: Our anniversary is coming up, so I thought it’d be the perfect time to post this. I’m going to sum it up/put in my favorite parts of it like I have done on many of the other…


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Thoughtfulness Thursday: Mommy, Somebody Needs You

Thoughtfulness Thursdays: "Mommy, Somebody Needs You"

If you haven't read this post by now, you should: …

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Hello from Baker-Builder!


I just joined up here and wanted to take a second to introduce myself.  I am a full-time freelance writer/blogger/wife/soon-to-be-mom who loves interacting with other bloggers around the web to gain a bit a wisdom, share tips on making it in the online world, and find a few friends in the process.  

I recently stepped down from my full-time job as a food writer working for a marketing department of a large company. While I loved that I could write all day, I was…


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Cyber Monday Blog Design SALE!

Mommy Blog Designs is joining in the fun!!  We're having a CYBER MONDAY SALE!!


Everything is on sale 20% off!! Today Only!!


Get 20% off pre-made designs, custom designs, yearly hosting plans, blogger to wordpress migrations, and online blog design training courses! EVERYTHING 20% off!!


Learn more: …


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Learn Blog Design at the MBD Training Center! Registering for November Session NOW!

Have you ever thought about learning to design blogs and websites?

Do you ever wish ... as you go hopping around to other blogs and see how pretty and unique they are ... that you could take control of your own blog design?

Have you ever thought of starting a new business where you could stay home and work from your computer ... and get to be super creative?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then I invite you to check out the…


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Learn to Design your own WordPress Blog!! Includes GENESIS! Only $75!

Thinking of starting a new WordPress site .. or want to re-design a current one?  Want to DIY?  Learn to design it yourself for only $75!!!  Check out the Building on WordPress Value Pack from the MommyBlogDeisgns' Training Center.

This value pack comes with 3 courses ... and includes EVERYTHING you need to make a rockin' site!!

Course 1 -…


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InStyle Magazine at Ann Taylor LOFT: a recap

Did ya’ll make it out to the InStyle Magazine and Ann Taylor LOFT event on Saturday at the Mall of America? If you did, I know you had a great time – between the cupcakes from Crave, champagne (sparkling water for the preggo mama!), live DJ and style tips from none other than InStyle in-house Style Ambassador Tai Beauchamp there really was no…


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Coffee Talk With Erica Diamond: Fifty Shades of Grey

So, today I decided to step away from the computer, and to your local YouTube channel. It was time. Today, I'm in a bun, glasses, no makeup, and sipping coffee with you on my deck... a.k.a my summer office.

I asked you on Twitter what you wanted to chat about in today's vlog, and it seems many of you want to discuss… Continue

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I want to be a mommy

Falling pregnant – wow, what an honour.  As most of know, my husband and I lost our little one last month. And so I have decided to start a blog. Join me as I share my thoughts and feelings, hopes and desires on our adventure and journey of  trying to fall pregnant and becoming a mom. I encourage moms, dads and moms to be to comment and take part. We can all learn so much through one another.

I remember being in Grade 1, when the teacher asked us each to stand up one by…


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I founded and ran The New Mommies Network for 11 years.  I've held on to my website domain name ever since, but I am willing to consider offers for the name,  

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Two Moves To Tone Butt

Try Two ~ To Tone Your Booty

Check out two of my favorite "Baby Weight" moves that focus on challenging your glutes to help tone and tighten your backside.

Hip Bridge & Bulgarian Split Squat

Oh and "Baby weight"meaning you COULD do these as body weight moves - make the most…


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The Next Step For Mommy Bloggers. Introducing

After Heather Armstrong, made her debut as the first mom blogger, websites and blogs created by moms began appearing from different parts of the world. Moms began writing to vent personal feelings, including those of frustration, loneliness, and sometimes even depression. Moms saw the relief and moments of peace when they can sit down with their thoughts and detail the events of their life to a possible world of readers who they may never meet, but would be interested in what they have to…


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What Motherhood has Taught me About Management

I wrote about the Mommy Brain in a previous post as well as in a 17 June Irish Examiner newspaper article titled “Mum Knows Best.” As per National Institutes of Mental Health neuroscientist Dr. Pilyoung Kim, women’s grey matter actually GROWS after childbirth. We become smarter. Raise your mugs of coffee and say a toast, mommies, because your…


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Mommies, Purses, Tiaras, and Gettin' Sexy!

I’ve been noticing a very interesting trend on my site recently. It’s becoming really clear what moms are interested in ... and I’m so intrigued by it, that I wanted to share it with you!

I write a blog called the Mommy MindSpa and I post each day with different suggestions of fun things moms can do to help them focus on themselves. I call it the Daily Mom-ME Moment ... and in it I encourage moms to take time each day to do something for themselves - to always remember that they are…


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Funny Friday Blog Hop: Get Ready For It!

Hey its almost Friday! Time to lighten up and get ready for the weekend! What better way than to share around our latest greatest jokes, stories and funny pictures! If you can find funny material related to your blog content, all the better. Join the party on this blog hop where we will really be able to enjoy clicking around on everyone's links just for laughs.


Great Baby Stuff will be hosting the…


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Daily Mom-ME Moment #8 - Commit To Starting AND Getting It Done

So I’m sitting here trying to decide what to write for the Daily Mom-Me Moment #8.  And this one idea keeps popping into my head ... but then I just push it aside.  Why? Because if I write it, I’m going to have to commit to it.  


I started writing this post a few times, and deleted it.  But now I’m going farther.  I’m going to write about it ... and I WILL commit to following through!


For my Mom-ME…


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Guide to Getting Rid Of The Belly Flap


May is Mommy Belly Makeover Month and I've been posting a step by step plan to help you get rid of that post baby fat

on your belly on the Blog.

It's been about 2 weeks now, how are your results coming along?

I do…


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How To Tighten Your Core VIDEO

Step 2 in your Mommy Belly Makeover

In order to begin to transform your Mommy Belly, you must work from the Inside -> OUT.

This means you will turn your focus 1st to strengthening your deepest core…


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Do You Like the Term "Mommy Blogger"? Do You Write a Lot of Reviews?

I don't, and here is why.


Also, add your post to my Wordless Wednesday linky!



Dagmar's momsense

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The Mommy MindSpa's Article For The Week Of May 2, 2011

On my website,, I’m building a library of information articles educating moms on the power of using audio hypnosis to make incredible transformations from within.

This week’s topic - Using Hypnosis To Strengthen The Immune System.

I’m currently researching and writing away about this fascinating topic … and I’m lovin’ it! There’s good, solid, scientific facts backing this… Continue

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