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How to find perspective amidst the stampede of everyday life

Today was one of those days.  You know the one.  You've been trying to juggle home life, sick babies, work life and your own needs for a few days too long.  Every little thing triggers a new eye twitch and you feel like bolting for the door.  This New York Times …

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3 Reasons Why Moms Should Join Pinterest

Haven’t heard of it?  Been curious about the red “P” logo that keeps popping up around the web?  Pinterest is the newest social network to hit the scene and it has done so in a BIG way.  Pinterest is a social sharing site that allows you to create virtual boards (see the photo below) to “pin” images from all over the web and organize by categories that you create.  For example, I have boards for “Great Quotes”, “My Style”, “Products I love”, “Future Home Ideas”, and more.  (You can…


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Keep Your Desk A Poppin With New Office Supplies


 I have found my modern stationary supply mecca. The brightly colored selection at makes my heart skip a beat. This office supply sight even has collections grouped by color for the perfectly coordinated workspace. 

I adore the Orange You Glad…


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Uh -Oh A Fun Modern Baby Fashion Line

Image of the cereal slide Image of the double-dip slip

Uh-Oh has brought a fun new collection to babywear. It is designed to look like little spills and teach us to embrace it as a new baby fashion trend.
Above you can see the Cheerio Spill and The Double Dip Slip. Such a fun trendy line in infant and toddler fqashion. you will want to scoop them up for affordable holiday giftgiving and more.Fashionista parents everywhere will want to ask where you…

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Fall Fashion Tips From Bobbie Thomas





Tips for Staying on Trend This Fall Season

By Style Expert Bobbie ThomasXX9X6068





As temperatures drop, so will hemlines. Fashion meets function, and there’s no need to brave the winter with bare legs. Transition a summer maxi dress into fall with a chunky sweater and boots, or try the new ‘midi’ length skirt for…


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Great Expectations

I often wonder how we, as women, survive.  I know that I am not unusual, but I spend the majority of my time worrying about what I have to do, longing to do the things I want to do, and guilting myself out when I don’t get things done, because I was doing what I wanted to do for myself.

Why do we do this to ourselves?  Life is complicated enough without adding more and more layers of complexities.  Somehow, society has painted a picture of what the perfect woman should be.  She should…


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April Marin, Emerging Fashion Brand Design Star

I recently came across a new brand of fashion that is the perfect blend of style, class,design, and luxury styling while remaining… Continue

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Successful launch!

It has been 8 weeks since the launch of our "baby" and I am consistently having to pinch myself! What a wonderful experience to have with two friends, now also business partners! The online launch has been excellent and we are now in 6 local retailers with several more in the works! The press has been sensational… Continue

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International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day! Today we celebrate ALL women, ALL over the globe. Here’s to you, ladies!…

international women's day

bitchology national womens day


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Rock Baby and Baby Happy Hour modern designs.

Introducing two new designs for the stylish hip baby in your life - Rock Baby and Baby Happy Hour modern designs. It can't get any cuter than this. Soft t-shirts, cozy onesie and cool creepers to keep baby and mommy very happy. Designs are exclusive and one of kind. Baby will love and so will you.

Zazzle offers 15% on affiliate - all you have to do is sign up > go the affiliate area> grab the code for your website or blogs. You won't get rich with this , but you will add some… Continue

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Going Green With Your Baby? Seven Ways Combining Modern Cloth Diapers With EC is Helpful

While learning, and practicing a spot of EC with your baby, diapers become a parenting tool, something you use fully at times, only casually some of the time, not at all at other times, without fear about wee everywhere, as you slowly get to know your baby’s rhythms.

The Question is “Why Combine Modern Cloth Diapers With Being Part-Time Diaper Free?”

Here are 7 reasons why doing EC…


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Finalist in Scholastic’s Mommy Blogger Awards 2009

I am beyond ecstatic!

I woke up this morning and found myself as a finalist on the Scholastic Parent & Child magazine Mommy Blogger Awards!

Thank you to those of you who nominated ModernMami™.com and continue to offer support!

The news has been spreading on twitter and… Continue

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Where did the week go? Been busy creating new Pop Modern Baby Designs.

Red Peace Bird magnet Rooster the King of the BarnYard mousepad Wildlife Elephant Mom and Baby mousepad


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Mommy Brain: It's All In My Head

Although the terms are often used jokingly, "mommy brain" and "pregnancy brain" are very real phenomena. Supposedly, hormones are to blame. Lots of women say they’re especially absent-minded or forgetful when they’re expecting, particularly in the first and third trimesters, and so do many of those who are caring for a new baby. My youngest is 17 months. Do I still qualify?

I sure hope so, because I’m not sure I have any other excuse for feeling like I’m starting to lose it… Continue

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My first blog entry - December 2008

Welcome to the blush blog! I am so excited that our website is up and running, and I can’t wait to hear your feedback. Let us know at

Not that you’ll have time to write us anytime soon, given that it’s December, the most frantic time of the year.

Remember the days before kids when the definition of “busy” meant going to three parties in one weekend, staying late at the office, working out a few lunch hours a week plus doing yoga in the… Continue

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50% OFF all Nurseryworks Bedding & Furniture!!!

We are offering 50% off all Nurseryworks Bedding and Furniture at

We are also offering free shipping on all orders of $50 or more... simply use promo code FREESHIP

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Inspirations, kind of continued!

In my K. A. Mace Jewelry blog, I recently blogged about inspiration and how I felt renewed and rejuvenated by my recent inspirations...

I have to add that I have been inspired by that inspiration...I want, no NEED, a lipstick in this very color...

This is the perfect… Continue

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Coupons, Comic Strips and Critter Cupcakes

My parents left Monday to drive back to the desert after their almost annual Halloween trek to the City of Angels to see my kids, me, my brother, and my sister (if she weren't currently hanging out in Beijing on a soul-searching adventure like only a single 32-year-old woman can) and why they're at it, they'll go ahead and see my man too. Mom and Dad are quite a trip on many levels and if I happen to stick around in blogland long enough, some illuminations on the topic of my parents are bound… Continue

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Some Lighting Styles

Lighting parts and accessories is a diverse category of lighting related products designed to offer the homeowner or lighting professional new as well as replacement parts for indoor and outdoor lighting.

Bathroom Lighting makes guests comfortable to daily grooming tasks, small space or large, the lighting in bath areas and vanities are extremely… Continue

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