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What Do You Do When You Don't Understand God's Ways?


Sometimes when we are going through in life, we just can't see our way out. It gets hard to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Just remember that God loves you and He has a purpose and plan for your life. Find comfort in these scriptures and believe that God will see you through.


Isaiah 55:8-9 (NLT)

 “My thoughts are…

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R.Carson & Al Gore School Opens Monday - Needs Clean-Up & Monitoring

Site of green school in Los Angeles needs toxic soil cleanup

Added by California Safe Schools on September 12, 2010 at 10:53am — No Comments

Fighting The Odds

By Guest Blogger Leah Mitelman

On October 16, 2006 I had a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction, by choice. The story began several years earlier, when I was 26 yrs old, and my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.

I guess this shouldn’t have been too surprising since both my grandmothers had survived their own bouts with breast…


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Solving The Dinner Dilemma, Part II

Back in September of 2009, one of my earliest Blog posts discussed the question that comes my way every day around 4:30PM (from the little people living in this house) and it’s always sure to get me all riled

up… the burning question…. “What’s for dinner?” And

while I have been trying my hand at some new…


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On The Fence About Having Another Kid?

Well Ladies, some good news happened to me when my sister-in-law got hitched about two weeks ago. The pressure from my in-laws to have another child was finally lifted off of my head, and so nicely placed upon my sis-in-law’s precious head.

People say, “Have another baby. Try for a GIRL. C’mom. You can do it. I heard there’s ways. You have sex before you ovulate. Missionary position. Oh ya, and don’t forget to douche.”

WTF! Douche? The only douche I’ve ever taken in my… Continue

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Being told your using a "Trade Marked Name".

Well last night I was sent an email and I checked my emails all the time. But this one was left til later and then I saw that I had one from my website's message box. Opps I missed one. ^.^ Well it wasn't your normal kind that would be someone requesting information about something you were talking about or selling. But one that came from a highly known person with the same name as your site was named as. Well I was shocked no doubt. But then went on to read and seen that she was the owner of… Continue

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Why does this dog read the paper?

Why does this dog read the paper?

I think i know why...he's a bad boy...he's thinking of ways to get a kitty!

hmmm..... anyone else want to give a funny answer to this picture?

Like what you read?

visit my new blog

I will join your blog if you join… Continue

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You Know You’re a Mom When…

2008 Under Soapbox Mama This morning I laid flat on the floor with my two kids trying to wake up. It was early and my brain had not cleared the fogginess of sleep. Both of them had been up for awhile and like all children, their exuberance had kicked in the moment they opened their eyes. I, on the other hand, have lost that ability to wake up and instantly have zeal and zest oozing from my every pore. Like… Continue

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