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Keep Up With The Other Yogis And Yoginis In Your Yoga Classes

Yoga uses natural resistance to work the body. …


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Confessions of a Formerly Fat and Unhappy New Mom

A few days ago, I asked my Facebook fans to submit topics that they would like me to write about or any questions (even personal) that they would like me to answer.  I got several really great ideas from people, but the notes that jumped out at me most were from a few fabulous moms who wanted a little inspiration on getting back on track after giving birth.  I am so honored that someone would think I am…


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The House & Other Updates.

NEW POST: "The House & Other Updates." - Read about the crazy lady who is currently renting our soon to be home.


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How To Lose Weight

Overweight Americans and childhood obesity have become a huge problem in recent years. With this awareness, many people are looking for ways on how to lose weight. A few important things to remember:

Writing down what you eat is one basic principle to weight loss and maintaining a diet. A second principle to healthy weight loss is to read the food labels. Make sure…


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Dr.Gourmet Would Like To Wish You A Healthy Happy New Year

My friends from Dr.Gourmet just shared info with me about a very handy and useful free app.

Dr Gourmet is a user-friendly application that works on both iPhone and…


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Fat Jeans...We All Have Them

As I write this, I am jetting through the friendly skies having spent a fabulous weekend with my husband in New Orleans. As predicted inLaissez Le Bon Temps Rouler, there was an abundance of phenomenal food, no lack of cocktails, sweat soaked clothes because of the hot and sultry weather, and… Continue

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Because I’m Worth It…

By Guest Blogger Erika Rath

300 pounds! 300 pounds! I looked at the scale and couldn’t believe the number staring back at me. How had this happened? How had I let myself go? I was in my early twenties, miserable, and weighing in at an

unthinkable 300 pounds.

It had to stop. But how? I had tried it all. The diets, the weight loss coaches, the calorie counting, the cabbage soup diet, the no-carb diet, etc… NOTHING WORKED! Sure, I got excited after I lost a…


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Blast The Last Bit Of Belly Fat

You've made the commitment to a fat burning fitness program, are eating healthy and have made quite a bit of progress...but there's STILL a that

Last Bit of Belly Fat!

What can you do?

This was a question that was recently sent in and I am sharing it with you today in the hope that the advice shared will be just… Continue

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Null and Void

A couple of weekend's ago, we stopped into a Panera Bread store for Jackson's morning snack. As I was standing in line to get our iced teas and his apple juice, I looked around at the other patrons, fogging into the store. Many of them were women, young and old, with a friend or two in tow. Based on the myriad of ponytails, running shorts,…


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I can't believe I I've lost 15 pounds!!!

When I was approached to review the Medifast plan, I was both nervous and excited. 2 Weeks later, I have lost 2 pounds!! Read my full review here:
30-Days of Summer give-away-Free Medifast Food

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Watch Your Tone!

Think about it...the voice inside YOUR head is the one that you hear most often. You are alone with that voice all day long, day in and day out. If you allow this constant chatter to take on a negative tone (I hate myself, I'm ugly, I wish I had this or that, I'm fat, if only I looked like that, I can't, etc.) you will just continue to…


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Sandra Bullock Blindsided By Jesse James

Less than two weeks after Sandra Bullock won her first Oscar for Best Actress for her portrayal of a fiery adoptive mother in the movie, ironically titled, “The Blind Side,” Bullock was blindsided by her husband, Jesse James, who the world has now learned had an alleged 11 month relationship with a tattoo model named Michelle “Bombshell” McGee. The tattoo model claimed in a cover story that appeared on the newsstands last Friday in “In Touch” magazine that she had an affair with… Continue

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Winnipeg To Set Inch Loss Record!

Inch Loss and Detoxification Seminar…


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Stability Ball Exercise For Tight Abs and Toned Arms

Reshape Your Body with a Stability Ball

Add this Advanced Stability Ball Exercise to your fat loss workout to help tighten your tummy and tone your arms!

Stability Ball Knee In

This is one of my Favorite Stability Ball Moves because it challenges my entire body!

Anytime I can incorporate a single exercise… Continue

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Healthy Cooking Methods for the Whole Family Healthy Meals

An individual who cares a lot about his health will certainly do these three major things to help them stay healthy that is to say by avoiding smoking, exercising in a regular basis and eating healthy meals. However, in our recent times, it seems to be difficult to keep us eating healthy meals due to many reasons. More and more people today are very busy with their jobs and careers especially for working mothers that they do not have… Continue

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How To Burn More Fat and Calories For Fast Results

The Fastest Way to get results from your Workouts is.... BOOST your metabolism and get your body to BURN more calories!

You know this, but are you doing this in the most effective and time saving way?

Please do NOT make the Mistake in Thinking the fast track to fat loss is CARDIO – Heck NO!

It is RESISTANCE Training!

Work your MUSCLE and not only will you… Continue

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The Importance of Healthy Foods and Healthy Eating Habits for Children

Many parents feel having trouble with healthy foods and healthy eating habits in their children. Not all children like healthy foods. Often we find a child who will not eat vegetables, fruits, or fish. Actually, the first must be recognized by the parents is that parents need to adjust the amount of nutrients that are consumed by their children for nutritional needs of each child is different. There are at least minimum… Continue

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Where Did Your Motivation Go?

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing.. that’s why we recommend it daily.”

~ Zig Ziglar


Motivation is a powerful tool for success! The degree to which you can remain motivated allows you to continue to make progress and can determines whether you realize the goals that you establish.

Seems that Motivation is at… Continue

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My Twenty Ten New Year's Workout Video

Happy New Year!

Wow - 2010!

What better way to kick off this NEW Year with a Twenty Ten Tabata Workout!

I have to has been a tradition to go to our local gym on the 1st day of each new year just to see what everyone is up to when it comes to Workouts and New Year's Resolutions.

As I predicted - there was not one piece of cardio equipment free. Fine with me… Continue

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Holiday Booty Blaster Workout Video

Reshape Your Booty for the Holidays!
All you need is a dumbbell!

IMPORTANT: These moves are intense. If you have problems with your knees, please do not attempt. As always, consult with your Dr before beginning a new workout or exercise routine. For best results follow a FULL body resistance training plan AND clean up what you eat!

These are Two of my Favorite Booty Blasting Moves… Continue

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