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Video: When is it time to give the babysitter a raise?

Even as a work at home mom, I need a reliable babysitter when I have a networking event or meeting with a client outside of my son's preschool hours.

We also use a sitter for date nights (when it's in the budget).

Here's why I recently gave our sitter a raise:…


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Life Time Friend

Ever since we moved into our new neighborhood I've been keeping an eye out for another little girl my daughter's age.  I plan to live in this house for awhile and one of my mini dreams for Izzy to grow up with her own BFF.  I met a grandmother and granddaughter walking the neighborhood last week that I'm hoping she could become friends with Izzy.  It turns out that this little girl has the same name except for an added "A" at the end and has the same birth month.…


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Save the date free card designs

Save the date free card designs->>

This is a free download, it includes 2 jpg files with  two designs.…


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Getting Sitter Lucky

Even before the launch of the site, I was starting to get a little confident in the sitter booking department.  Give me a week or a day, I’ll go ahead and commit to plans because I KNEW I could find a sitter.  Don’t get me wrong, there is still a huge problem with finding a sitter you know when you need one, but I was finding myself on the fortunate side of the coin time and time again.…


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Abandoned at Prom

Imagine a scene from Footloose and you have a basic idea of what my high school prom looked like…without the grain elevator, without the cakes and pies, and without the fighting.  But, there were plenty of pastel colored long dresses, and ridiculously pastel ruffled tuxedos.  Roses and baby’s breath abounded and everyone was on their best behavior.



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Lesley Stowe's Gourmet Creations

As you may have learned by now I truly consider food to be a true joy. With that pleasure comes the opportunity to explore new foods,pairings, and flavors. I recently read about Raincoast Crisps being served at many celebrity parties and my curiosity was piqued. I knew I had to try…


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Birthdays: It's Not About the Age Anymore

Birthday Girl…


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Eco Easy date ideas

In an effort to create some memories that last forever with minimal waste or carbon output try these Friday night (or anytime) date ideas! Feel free to mix and match!

Although you should definitely use reusable table wear, I thought this ad was way too…


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Date Night(s)!

I think Hubby and I have been on more dates in the past two weeks than the whole first year of Sweet Pea's life! It has been so nice to spend some alone time with Hubby! We've so needed it! This past weekend we celebrated 17 years of marriage and… Continue

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Ghost Hunting for Date Night

I had my running shoes and new batteries in the flashlights...

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Hat of Hopeful Stories


What does that mean???

We're looking for 500 word stories of love found and dreams attained when you least expected it. The kind of stories that inspire strong women (and men) in their 30s and 40s who are…

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Pushing Buttons in Relationships

Pushing Buttons in Relationships

When we’ve known someone for a long time, we know the good and bad; mistakes and challenges of each other. And unfortunately in times of conflict, we know what buttons to push with that information. The person I discussed this with recently is someone I…

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Open Mind, Open Heart

Started the day with a good cup of coffee, and I was thinking about how, like many single women I once had my laundry list of criteria for Mr. Right: honesty and humor, good looks and brains. I was a busy…


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Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

Oh, this is one of my favorite topics! Men. Women. Relationships. Marriage. I have a lot to say about this topic, so grab your coffee… this is gonna be a longie. Considering our divorce rate is something like 50-60%, it’s not a crazy question to ask if men and women really get along.

One of my favorite times spent with my hubby, is when we’re out for dinner. I am a horrible cook (stems from years as a career women and a mother who hated to cook) but I LOVE food. I live for food and a… Continue

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Nick Lachey. Give Before You Receive.

So much to tell! I hardly know where to begin other than with saying, I eat too much when I work from home!!! Okay, that's out of the way. Thanks to all of the new Butterflies who joined as a result of the Nick Lachey Auction that Butterfly is currently hosting. What about Nick Lachey you ask? Well, the handsomely sweet Nick Lachey is currently being auctioned off LIVE on For Real!! Now is your… Continue

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The Secret Life of Estrogen

Okay, well the meaning of the title for this post is twofold: I was watching The Secret Life of Bees and there was date preparation going on. Connecting the two was easier than you'd think. I'm sure the title of the movie is some complicated and artsy metaphor for the secret lives of the characters that converged into what would end up being the plot. And estrogen totally has a life. And it's secret. It tries t o come off as a hormone necessary to being a woman but what it is, really, is an… Continue

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Nick Lachey. Not Just a Dream!

My nine-year old asked, "Mom, do you think I can play in the NFL one day?" A huge smile came across my face because you have to know that my son is only 65 pounds, wet. "You can do anything you put your mind to. Dream big," I told him. I too loved sports as a kid, softball being my forte. And while I still continue to play the sport in a local women's town league, I am no Kim Clijsters. Terry my biz partner, having played tennis as a child, had a much better shot at mastering the game of tennis… Continue

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Baby Playgroups, Good for Mom (and Dad) and Baby

It’s Thursday, baby playgroup day—and you’ve been looking forward to this day all week. Baby playgroups are as much for mom—or dad—as they are for the baby. Why? Because you get to go out and be with other moms and dads just like you. No one cares if you’re wearing your velour jogging suit, your preggie clothes, or if you need to nurse right there at the picnic tables—they understand.

Your playgroup might be completely unstructured—just a bunch of quilts and babies and parents… Continue

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"I Wasn't Looking for an Affair; It Just Happened."

Contrary to what many think, infidelity doesn't just happen.

Having been a therapist for a very long time has afforded me the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life with varied opinions, personalities, strengths and idiosyncratic quirks. I'm never bored, rarely shocked and almost never angered. But take note, the operative word here is "almost."

I have lost count of the number of times when a spouse who's… Continue

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"FEMALES & GUNS", A part of Myths=Excuses / Facts=Reality

Even though I have shot guns since I was in junior high school, had a concealed carry permit in my lifetime and I support the Right To Bear Arms; I do not support the myth, "I own a gun and that is the best possible method of self-defense. If someone attacks me, I can use it to protect myself."

Let's take a look at why not......the facts/reality of such myth. First, I say congratulations! I have heard this comment from females and… Continue

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