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M.A.Z.E. Cord Blood March Sweepstakes

Aveeno Baby Gift Set, Daily Care Essentials Basket, Baby and Mommy Gift Set

End Date: March 31, 2014

Eligibility: Open to residents of the US and Canada that are 18 and over…


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Holiday Hairdo's For Kids From Cozy's Complete Guide To Girls' Hair


With holidays on the horizon, you and your brood have plenty of parties to attend, and you know what that means—picture time! This holiday season, it’s easy to keep your little angel looking cute, coifed and camera-ready with simple yet stylish hair looks from Cozy Friedman, author of  Cozy's Complete Guide to Girls’ Hair.

 The French Braid Headband

The French Braid Headband



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Book Giveaway!

Enter my give-away contest to the right and then vote for Brynn's Bizarre Behavior when prompted with the link!!!

I am so pleased to announce that I am a finalist for…

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Eat – click – love: How I got my kid to read big books

how to get kids to read books

Ever heard that kids don’t like to read?

I like to read, so when I knew I would be a mother, I dreamed of the great times we would have, side by side, under a big shaded tree, reading a big big book.

I had heard stories that it was a tedious process getting kids to like reading; so as soon as she came into this world I knew I had a mission.

Here are three…


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How the sun got a hug-Who Will HUg the Sun

Hello, friends thank you for coming.Today I'm doing something I have never tried before, I am interviewing the sun. I've donned my protective clothing and eye gear in order to do this. Please be aware our sound requirement will be turned on as loud as it can go in order for us to catch the sun's voice so please make sure yours is not equal in volume.



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How To Organize a Delicious Foodie Book Club

If your a foodie as I am, you love anything to do with food, recipes, cooking and eating delicious meals. There are many books on the market, memoirs, mysteries, humor and novels to name a few that are geared toward food lovers. A love for food, reading and great conversation can be shared with friends and family…


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Things I've Learned This Week


** Straws make everything taste better.


** "Everybody hurts" when you post pictures of your penis.  (Did you hear that, Michael Stipe??!!)


** Embarrassing moments hunt me down like a bear in the…


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Enchantment by Charlotte Abel

Live on CreateChatter™ TV, we will be discussing our first young adult novel, Enchantment. Written by Charlotte Abel, Enchantment is the romantic struggle of a teen wanting her first love and her parents protecting her virtue. 



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A Historical Review | The Irish Soldiers of Mexico by Michael Hogan

Why is it that history becomes all that more interesting and fascinating only after the conclusion of our formal schooling years? It is no doubt that History class torments young students and puts others to sleep. Is it because history textbooks are “predominantly histories written by the winners” and therefore this one-sided…


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Review and Giveaway: Totally Together by Stephanie O'Dea Ends 8/6 US/CAN

Review and Giveaway: Totally Together by Stephanie O'Dea Ends 8/6 US/CAN

A practical, how-to guide in a weekly calendar format to make home organization and time management a snap.…


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Coloring pages for kids - Animals

Coloring pages with animals. 


By using  colouring books, children have a chance to learn the appearance and words for animals. Parents or guardians should take the opportunity to…


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Self-publishing, is it a good idea? The Pros and Cons

If you're a writer and have received a million rejections from literary agents and publishers, I bet you think it's a good idea! If you're a published author with a backlist that's gathering dust and is not even sitting on the shelves of the most backwaters bookstore anywhere on this planet, I bet you think it's a good idea!

But before you jump in and self-publish on Amazon's Kindle, Barnes and Noble's Nook and Apple's i-Pad, consider the pros and cons. I've tortured myself to come up…


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I Don't Have Time To Write! New Book for Writers & Bloggers- Out Now!

It's here! My latest book is now available to buy on … Continue

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Bring Back Beatrice, A Preview For Soon To Be Parent's On The Quest For the Perfect Name


"BRING BACK BEATRICE! is a baby name book with opinion and substance, a clarion call for parents who know they are naming not just a cuddly newborn, but a human being-a person who will grow up to carry a name like Iris,…


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Do you like to review books?

Are you a book blogger and like to review books? Pump Up Your Book, an innovative online book tour company, is offering the following books for review. If interested, please email Dorothy Thompson at Include the name of your blog and the link in your inquiry. Thanks!…


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"McKenzie" by Penny Zeller a story of desperate plans turned to God's purpose.

Wanted to share a review of  McKenzie a Christian fiction historical romance.  Penny Zeller is the author.  This is a really enjoyable read (both the review and the book).  Please check out my review and post comments if you feel like it.



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Helen of Pasedena, A Fun Read For Moms Everywhere!



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Have you heard about Deepak Chopra's new children's book?

New York Times best selling authors Deepak Chopra and Kristina Tracy have written the most deliberate well rounded children's book.…


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Link your Book Related Giveaway with The Book Faery Reviews

If you've got a book or book related item for a giveaway, feel free to link up to my new book giveaway link up HERE >>


I've just started and would love to get it going.…


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